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Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Then read Richard Adgo's pH Miracle Story . . . .

I would like to share with you my story as to how I became involved with the pH Miracle Living Center in Valley Center, California, owned and operated by Dr. Robert O. Young and his wife, Shelley.

In January, 2003, my osteopath noticed a mole change on my back. It was bleeding so he suggested that I should see my GP as soon as possible, like the next day. This I did and my GP took the mole out and sent it away for a biopsy. Two days later I received a phone call from my GP asking me to come and see him as soon as possible. This I did. My GP told me that the biopsy proved malignant, suggesting that I should make an appointment to see a plastic surgeon.

My wife and I went to see the surgeon about three days later and I was told that I had melanoma - a very invasive form of cancer. Given a ratio of between one and three I had number two. The doctor recommended that I have surgery as soon as possible, which I did. After surgery I was told I would have to have three monthly checkups to make sure the cancer was not spreading. About four months later I felt a lump under my left armpit about the size of a marble, so I returned to the surgeon to find out that I would have to have my lymph nodes out. A week later I had the surgery and the doctor recommended me to the oncology department.

At this point I had met a lot of people with this condition and the outlook was not very bright. It was then that I decided to take charge of my own health.

I would like to share something with you at this point. My wife had bought Dr. Young's book Sick and Tired. I use to see it around a lot and it got to me so much that I would keep turning it over so that I could not see it. Strange as it may seem, that's how depressed I was. I couldn't see the wood for the trees. Very soon after that, Karen, my wife, booked both of us on a flight to the U.S where I attended a pH Miracle Living Retreat at the pH Miracle Living Center, in Valley Center, California. It was a five day Retreat and it was full on from day one, learning and understanding the New Biology(R). After only a few days I started to feel a lot better, with more energy and a lot less tired. I had not fallen asleep at all during the day even through all the lectures. I was on my way up. What a great feeling. But a major change in diet and a complete lifestyle change was ahead of me. Dr. Young said that he had given me the tools to look after myself and it was up to me now to make it happen.

It has been over six years now and I have never felt so good in all my life. I very rarely get anything like a cold or a flu, aching joints, headaches, or feel depressed. The pH Miracle is exactly what it says it is, just that. Thank you Dr. Young and Shelley. I feel that with the help of all the people like my wife and my GP and my surgeon, Dr. Young and Shelley I am still around to share this story with you. So really do not close off any doors when you are in such a situation. Take all the avenues and most of all take charge of your own health. Do not be told by anyone that you can go home and get things in order, which in other words means go home and die. Do what I have done and believe in the New Biology(R). Just get on with life. Make those lifestyle and dietary changes and just get on the Young pHorever pH Miracle program and give it your best and honest shot. Do not blame someone else for your condition, just get on with it. As I have. Become a pH Miracle all for the sake of trying. It's as simple as that. Get on the Doc Broc Greens and the pHour salts, and the pHlavor salts and the pHlush salts and the puripHy salts. It is called the COWS pack and you can order it at:


All the best and have an alkaline pH Miracle day,

Richard Adgo
New Zealand

PS I would highly recommend you go to a pH Miracle Living Retreat. It will change your life and save your life. To sign up for the next Retreat in your area go to:

Valley Center, California, Retreat

London, England, Retreat

New York City, New York, Retreat

Kauai, Hawaii, Retreat

Scientific Documentation of Pleomorphism

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Under The Microscope

When it comes to quality of life I love to swap intelligence with like-minded individuals. Fashion stylist Lulu Chen recently enticed me from my uptown digs to Organic Avenue's Lower East Side store. This particular establishment made headlines last year when health conscious Gwyneth Paltrow requested their custom healing food/juices delivered to her while hospitalized at a Mount Sinai Hospital. I could relate. Years ago, I spent two months in traction at Mount Sinai - top-notch doctors -- the food -- hardly.

In the realm of nutritional healing, I've discovered the numerous physical and emotional benefits of detoxing -- but there's always more to learn. Case in point: Denise Mari, Organic Avenue's Founder, CEO and Nutritional Microscopist, is well known for her work in blood analysis and cleanses. Perhaps she could tell me what is running through my veins. Coming off a wicked bout of bronchitis, I anxiously awaited her findings.

When Mari was just eight years old she lost her younger sister to leukemia. Later, her mother was diagnosed with the same disease and also perished. These twin tragedies drove Mari to blood analysis. This past year, she trained with Dr. Robert O. Young, known for his ph miracle Alkaline Diet. By balancing the body chemistry and removing acidic thoughts and foods like meat, dairy, and simple carbohydrates, the body becomes cleaner and healthier.

My blood analysis indicated that I have sensitivity to sugar, need to increase healthy fats, and eliminate animal proteins. Organic Avenue promotes the vegan lifestyle, and Mari has guided many luminaries through their LOVE (Live Organic Vegan Experience) cleanse programs. Even the acerbic jocks from the Howard Stern Show, like Tim and Robin, are thrilled with their detox programs (Robin even lost 90 pounds!).

Doug Evans, Organic Avenue's Partner and Investor and Advocate for AdBrite, serves as a coach of sorts to certain top executives used to getting their way. Eternally clad in unbleached, organic fibers, he's not shy of calling his billionaire clients to the mat for craving a hamburger. Green Day is celebrated daily as Organic Avenue's juices and smoothies are contained in retro-style chubby glass bottles as an effort the save the environment. Clients return them to the store, or they are

Supermodel/author/actress Carol Alt, 48, came to this lifestyle after seeing a young friend diagnosed with reproductive cancer become cured through a raw food diet. Alt, who has been living this nearly raw diet for 13 years, and her boyfriend hockey player, Alexei Yashen, are regulars at the store and receive deliveries. Her youthful complexion is a product of her own beauty line, Raw Essentials, which has routinely sold out on HSN. Seeing her contemporary Kathy Ireland's pre-weight loss picture recently on the Huff Post confirms that eating right and managing stress does a body good.

A divinely sent episode of Wife Swap perfectly illustrated the extremes of food choices in this country. One rifle-toting Mom cooks the meat her family shoots from the back woods of Kentucky and a sun-gazing (for nutrition) raw foodist from Arizona who protests animal rights.

It's clear I know what the right food choices are, but I'll have to buckle for a Reese's Peanut Cup and the prime rib at the Post House every once in a while.

Dr. Young's Microscopy Course Experiences - Peter Lerner, M.D.

I had the privilege of attending two of Dr Young's microscopy courses. The first week was the Basic Course, the following the Advance Course.

What an incredible two weeks!

In short: it was two weeks of jaws dropping! Two weeks of surprises!

About myself: I am an MD. I have been working in internal medicine for over 10 years. I have also worked with holistic medicine for several years. I met with Dr Young's New Biology about three years ago. I have been working with the products he developed and know directly and indirecly thousands of people whose lives have made a major positive turn thanks to using his principles and products. I have attended several lectures given by Dr Young, have read several of his books, so I thought I had a pretty good idea what it was all about. And I was right. So I arrived in San Diego, California, expecting to learn about microscopy, how to tell what is going on in the blood, etc. And here we were in San Diego, California, being with Dr Young almost 24/7, (except sleep time of course). What I am trying to say is that a lot of key knowledge which we received during the microscopy course, sometimes during lunch breaks, while exercising, and just about anytime!

Previously I had the fortune of working with or being around men of exceptional awareness, ability, responsibility and care for others - the world if you like - and I had this luck again, a life changing experience to learn from Dr. Young!

There are several key points of health, where I still had uncertainties, missing data or false data. So many of these were handled with correct data to full understanding, that a certainty settled in me. I learned during the course that any condition could be handled about health. Short of "missing willingness" on the part of a patient, there is no important data we didn't learn or don't know now. I never had this confidence before, not in this life, until now. I also had a chance to meet with patients with extremely bad situations, which had been completely turned around following the principles and protocols we learned from Dr. Young.

The environment and the staff were an experience in them self. Aesthetics, peace, positive energies, love, care - nothing to distract from what I came for, either health or study. The food was plenty and delicious. It is not always easy to find good alkalizing food where I live, but we got it here at the pH Miracle Living Center. So good and plenty that I had trouble having a grapefruit at the end of the day, because I was full. Yet, after the two weeks at the Center I dropped 9 pounds, and finally reached my optimum weight (which I did not have since the age of 25!). I also feel 10 years younger.

Oh, we learned microscopy as well, including enough details about computers, software, and all the necessary tools to be successful microscopists.

After the microscopy course completion I had no back off from starting my practice right away - and I did. What an exceptional "tool" this is! My own daughter (age 10), who I could never convince to drink enough water, after seeing her own blood promised to do so, and she does. And so it goes with several other children I saw, and others (mostly adults) who - by seeing their own blood - finally are getting the necessary understanding and motivation to correct their diet and their lives.

I know Dr Young will smile while reading these words "thank you Dr Young" (we had a lot of fun) but I can't find more appropriate words to acknowledge what I've received from this great teacher and healer.

Anyone who wants to have the necessary data and understandings about health and life, this is the place! This is the man! This is the course!

Dr Peter Lerner, MD, Hungary

The next Microscopy Courses are as follows:

Basic Microscopy/Personal Consultations
Taught by Dr. Robert O Young
June 15-10, 2009
London, England

Basic Microscopy
Taught by Dr. Robert O Young
July 6-11, 2009
Valley Center, California

Business Microscopy Course
Taught by Dan Coffman M.Sc. C.N.M
July 12-14, 2009
Valley Center, CA

Advanced Clinical Microscopy
Taught by Dr. Robert O Young
July 20-25, 2009
Valley Center, CA

pH Miracle Coaching and Iternship
Taught by Dr. Robert O. Young
July 26-31
Valley Center, CA

To enroll in Dr. Young's Microscopy course call: 760-751-8321 or 760-484-1075.

Alkaline Diet Evidence: Another Scientific Journal Backs Dr. Young's Theory

This article was originally posted by and is the work of Ross Bridgeford of www.energiseforlife.com Click here for the original article. I thank www.energiseforlife.com for giving me permission to republish this article.
See Dr. Young live in London June 13th and 14th. For Tickets go to: http://www.energiseforlife.com/dr_young_live/dr_young_live_2009_preorder.php

I'm often asked: if Dr Young is so sure about this Alkaline Diet theory, why hasn't anyone ever validated it with a study.

A fair enough question.

My answer is this:

To research a whole, holistic approach to health would cost millions. You would have to have a significantly sized sample group all following this diet to the letter over a very long period of time. To test for results against outcomes as wide ranging as from cancer to eczema and from libido to acne would require a massive sample and so many different control groups it is just impossible.

BUT what you can test is individual effects, and this is already being done in the health and science world.

I posted a few months ago about the alkaline diet and bone health being validated in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism and there are heaps of other studies, from peer-reviewed, top-ranked, scientific journals that prove that meat and dairy cause cancers, vegetarians have a lowered risk of heart disease and diabetes, high-sugar drinks lead to osteoporosis, a diet rich in omega 3 protects against brain and motor-skill degeneration etc. These are all backing up the alkaline diet as each is proving the efficacy of each of the core principles of alkalizing.
The Alkaline Diet Cures Everything?

Just because a study is yet to be published in AJCN or BJM that has the headline: 'Alkaline Diet Cures Everything' - does not mean that this approach to health is not constantly being validated, bit by bit, in various prestigious journals all over the world.

Which brings me onto this belter of an article I have just stumbled upon from the Journal of Nutrition. Published in January 2008, the title is: The Balance of Bone Health: Tipping the Scales in Favor of Potassium-Rich, Bicarbonate-Rich Foods
The Alkaline Theory is Put Beyond Doubt

I will firstly summarize the article, and then give my thoughts and opinions on this and relate it back to Dr Young's theories. There are a lot of related points and so I will bullet point them so that I don't lose you or get lost myself!

Summary of the Article

The article is concerned with the bone health in the Western world, with costs estimated at $17.9 billion per year in the USA and costs in Europe well in excess of €13.9 billion being spent on treating osteoporosis.

The review article outlines the current evidence available in the literature linking potassium-rich, bicarbonate-rich foods to osteoporosis prevention and bone mineral density (BMD). The review includes clinical studies, dietary intervention studies and cross-sectional/longitudinal, observational studies from a variety of peer-reviewed research studies/articles.

In short, the review covers a substantial amount of literature in this field and the findings are that:

A diet rich in vegetable and fruits that are high in potassium and bicarbonate has an unquestionable benefit to bone health
Key Points, My Thoughts & Why This Matters

The philosophy of the alkaline diet (briefly) is that the body has to maintain a pH balance of 7.365 in the blood and other cells. In the same way that it has to maintain your body temperature within a certain range - it will also do whatever it takes to maintain that pH balance. To do so we have a small amount of alkaline buffers to neutralize acids consumed, however, with the modern Western diet this buffer is always very quickly exhausted, and the body has to draw alkaline minerals (magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium - principally) from wherever it can to keep our pH at 7.365.

This article is cast-iron guaranteed proof of this philosophy. So with this in mind, here are my thoughts on the key points. I am going to bullet my points for the sake of brevity!

* The article states that a diet rich in potassium and sodium bicarbonate (both highly alkaline minerals) leads to stronger, more health bones. In fact it actually states "potassium-rich, bicarbonate-rich foods (i.e., fruits and vegetables or dietary alkali) (are linked) to osteoporosis prevention" - however, it also goes to point out that vegetables are a far superior source than dairy because not only are vegetables a source of the combination of potassium and bicarbonate but also, the vegetable diet reduced the "acid load" compared to dairy and led to higher calcium absorption.
* The article also references the famous Aberdeen Prospective Osteoporosis Screening Study (APOSS) stating that:

(the study has) shown specific associations between nutrients found in abundance in fruits and vegetables and both axial and peripheral bone mass and markers of bone resorption. Women (n = 994) in the lowest quartile of intake for potassium, magnesium, fiber, vitamin C, and ?-carotene had significantly lower lumbar spine and femoral neck bone mineral density (BMD)...APOSS has shown a consistent longitudinal beneficial effect of fruit and vegetable nutrients on bone loss in premenopausal women

* My favourite quote from the study, however, is this:

Adult humans on a normal Western diet generate ~1 mEq/kg body weight of acid per day. Of course, the more acid precursors a diet contains, the greater the degree of systemic acidity. Hence, in the West, there are good data to show that we consume a very acidic diet.

Clear mechanisms exist for a deleterious effect of acid on bone.

Novel work in the 1980s by Arnett and Dempster demonstrated a direct enhancement of osteoclastic activity following a reduction in extracellular pH. This effect was shown to be independent of the influence of parathyroid hormone. Osteoclasts and osteoblasts appear to respond independently to small changes in pH in the culture medium in which they are growing. Work by Arnett and Spowage and work by Bushinsky have shown evidence that a small drop in pH, close to the physiological range, causes a tremendous burst in bone resorption. Metabolic acidosis has also been shown to stimulate resorption by activating mature osteoclasts already present in calvarial bone rather than by inducing formation of new osteoclasts.

To put this in simple terms: when our cellular pH goes down, our bones break down. This makes even more sense when you understand that 'bone resorption' is the process by which osteoclasts break down bone and release the minerals, resulting in a transfer of calcium from bone fluid to the blood (definition from Wikipedia).

So - when our pH drops, our bones break down to release alkaline minerals back into our blood to raise the pH of our blood and other cells!

This is solid, solid proof of Dr Young's theory! As stated earlier, when we consume too much acid and exhaust our alkaline buffers, our body grabs alkaline minerals from wherever it can to neutralise these acids - and this is a really clear example of this happening.

* Back to the article - "a recent Swiss study suggests a strong beneficial effect of alkali supplementation in osteopenic women...potassium citrate supplementation studies have shown a beneficial effect on bone turnover markers" - more proof
* And interestingly, giving some scope for the elusive 'Alkaline Diet Cures Everything' headline:

The DASH trial was the first to indicate a link between a dietary alkali load and bone. The DASH diet comprises careful selection of low-fat dairy products, reduced amounts of meat, and a high consumption of whole grains and fruits and vegetables. In contrast, the control diet in the DASH trial reflected a typical Westernized diet that is higher in fat and low in dairy, fruit, and vegetable products. The DASH diet was associated with a significant decline in blood pressure compared with baseline measurements.

What's this? The subjects who were following an alkaline diet not only had much stronger bones but they also showed a significant decline in blood pressure compared with those not on an alkaline diet.

This research study clearly puts two things beyond doubt for me:

1. Consuming dietary or supplementary alkali will help maintain and grow bone density
2. Consuming an overly acidic diet will lead to bones breaking down in order to maintain blood and cell pH at the slightly alkaline level of 7.365

I've always truly believed in the alkaline approach to health, but I have to say, this article puts it well beyond doubt for me. For a review article to get published in such a top-ranked, peer-reviewed Journal, that lists study after study after study backing this theory is simply absolute, unquestionable validation of the alkaline approach to health.

I'd love to hear your thoughts below!

Have a great day


The Top Seventeen Health, Nutritional and Medical Lies!

The following list includes the biggest health, nutritional, and medical lies, deceit, deceptions and inventions that we have been told by a doctor, a nurse, a scientist, a teacher, a nutritionist, a health guru, a Pharmaceutical Company, the American Medical Association, the American Cancer Society, the Center of Disease Control and/or the World Health Organization, just to name a few.

1) The Mexican Swine Flu Virus is a potential pandemic and can kill you.

This is a scientific illusion. Viruses do not kill, acids kill. All viruses are nothing more than dietary and/or metabolic acid. The word virus in Latin means poison or acid. All flu's or acids by definition effect only the gastrointestinal tract due to acidic foods and drinks ingested - not viruses. So the Mexican Swine Flu Virus that has been reported by the CDC to have killed over 1000 Mexicans is the result of an excess of gastrointestinal acid from the ingestion of acidic foods and drinks that have not been properly buffered by the stomach with alkaline salts or eliminated through the four channels of elimination - lungs, bowels, bladder and/or skin. For these unfortunate Mexicans or others in the US or around the world that have died, the cause of death was due to an excess of acidic foods and drinks, including Tequila, beer, beans, rice, corn, peanuts, yeast, soy sauce, high sugar fruit, processed sugar, artificial sugar, dairy products, chicken, turkey, beef and of course the biggest acid of all - SWINE. That's right, the acids from PORK can kill. So 1000 Mexicans did not die from a pHantom Mexican Swine Flu Virus but they died from a dis-ease I call, "I Ate and Drank TOO Much Acidic Crap Disease." The simple solution for protecting you from an excess of gastrointestinal acid from an acidic diet and lifestyle that can and does kill is to increase your alkaline buffering mineral salts. All flu's or acid outbreaks can be prevented and reversed with sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium bicarbonate. YES, it is that simple! You can prevent gastrointestinal acidosis that can lead to stomach flu, vomiting, dehydration, diarrhea, constipation, and even death. No need to fear a pandemic, just the acidic foods and drinks you are ingesting. You can protect yourself and your family with the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet I call, "Young Living." That is why I created the products pHour Salts, puripHy salts, pHlavor salts and pHlush salts. To learn more about these Young pHorever acid protecting products go to:


2) The Flu vaccine will protect you from the flu virus.

This is a falsehood. There is no such thing as a flu virus and therefore there is no need for a poisonous acidic flu vaccine made with chicken embryos, formaldehyde, mercury, detergent, and alcohol. The flu is the body in preservation mode increasing body temperature to activate the lymphatic system to remove excess dietary and/or metabolic acids in the tissues via respiration, perspiration, defecation and urination. The key to reversing the symptoms of the Flu is hydration with alkaline fluids and sweating with infrared sauna or exercise.


3) Taking antibiotics will kill bacteria.

This is medical subgerfuge and distortion as even the medical community realizes that antibiotics don't do what they are supposed to do. We say with alarm that disease is becoming resistant to antibiotics. They are not "resistant" because they have never been operative or effective. Antibiotics are the acidic waste products of fermentation. To make an antibiotic, you need a yeast or mold and some sugar for the yeast or mold to ferment. The bi-product of the yeast or mold fermenting the sugar is the acidic antibiotic. The acids from antibiotics DO NOT KILL BACTERIA. They only force the bacteria to change. Into what does bacteria change? Into yeast and mold. That is why when you take antibiotics you end up with a yeast infection! That's the antibiotic causing the bacteria to change from one form to another. I call this process of change "biological transformation" and the reason why you should NEVER take antibiotics. Try the COWS Plan. It is safer and more effective.


4) The stomach should be acidic and contains hydrochloric acid or HCL to digest food.

This is one of the biggest scientific misconceptions ever. First, the stomach is NOT and organ of digestion. Most so-called digestion starts in the mouth. That's why your mom said to chew your food. The stomach is an organ that alkalizes the food and liquids that you eat. The stomach cells, called the cover cells, secrete sodium bicarbonate onto the ingested food and drink to alkalize the food, not to digest the food. For every molecule of sodium bicarbonate produced by the stomach for alkalizing, a molecule of hydrochloric acid is produced as a waste product. Hydrochloric acid or HCL never touches the food or drink but falls into the gastric pits of the stomach away from the food and drink as the sodium bicarbonate rises to the top to alkalize the food and/or liquids ingested. This is necessary in order to prepare the food in an alkaline state for the duodenum and the small intestine where the liquid food is then biologically transformed into stem cells. There is NO part of the alimentary canal that does not secret sodium bicarbonate for alkalizing. In conclusion, the stomach is an organ of contribution and alkalizing, not a digestive organ as medical savants would have us believe. So now you know it is a whopper of a lie.

5) A cold is caused by a virus.

This is another whopper--a century long distortion. A cold is the body removing excess dietary and/or metabolic acids through the orifices of the body to maintain its delicate alkaline pH. Colds are NOT caused by viruses but are caused by eating too much acidic GARBAGE. I won't get YOUR cold if MY body is properly alkaline. Excess acids can also be caused by your thoughts or negative emotions which can also give rise to the elimination of these acids through various orifices, such as your eyes, ears, mouth or nose.

6) Pharmaceutical drugs may have side-effects.

What an intentional obfuscation this is! Pharmaceutical drugs do not have side-effects; they have EFFECTS! And lots of them! If you take the drugs, plan on them affecting your health in many negative and acidic ways.

7) The brain and body runs on sugar.

This is closer to gross ignorance than a lie. Sugar is a metabolic acid and has no value in the body. None. Zero. Zip. Nada. The brain and body does NOT run on sugar; it runs on electrons - just like every other cell in the human body. Increase your healthy brain function with more electrons with electron-rich food and water.


8) Cancer is a disease of the tissues.

NO! Cancer is not a disease of the tissues but a disease of the fluids of the body. After a trillion dollars spent since President Nixon declared war on cancer, we still pretend not to know what it is. But it has become a several hundred billion dollar industry.....larger than the automobile industry. Cancer is an acidic, environmental, dietary and/or metabolic liquid; it is NOT a cell and we ALL have some of it in our body to greater or lesser degree. The more acid we have in our body, the greater the risk for cancerous tissues. Cancer therefore is a four letter word: ACID! And cancer's fumbling, bumbling proponents have put forth another four letter word: MYTH.

9) HIV is a virus and causes AIDS.

This is an incredible whopper! And because the real and UNEXAMINED TRUTH has been explained by several scientists for many years, it is MORE than a whopper. It is now a fraud. There is NO HIV virus. You heard me right; there is NO HIV virus! There never has been. AIDS or immune deficiency is caused by an acidic way of living, eating and thinking. There is no need for drugs, but just the need to change to an alkaline lifestyle and diet and PRESTO.... NO MORE AIDS. It works 100 percent of the time if you get going before the drugs and wrong diet have taken you right up to death's door.

10) HPV is a virus and causes cervical cancer.

This is also an incredible whopper! HPV does not cause cervical cancer. Metabolic and/or dietary acid causes cancer. HPV is another pHantom virus. It does not exist. The cause of reproductive cancers are from the acids you produce from what you eat, what you think, and how you live. You don't get cancer you do cancer. So stop doing cancer with an acidic lifestyle and diet and start doing "Young Living" and the pH Miracle alkaline lifestyle and diet.

11) Taking digestive enzymes will help digestion.

This is a major fable and fabrication to which many holistic doctors prescribe. And it's a dangerous one....especially for people who take digestive enzymes all the time. Enzymes are acids from fermentation and are poisonous. Just like Draino, taking enzymes will eventually destroy your alkalizing alimentary canal. One will kill you fast and one will kill you slow! Digestive enzymes may break down meat, but nutritional science clearly tells us that you shouldn't be eating meat. They will break you down too because guess what? Your alimentary canal is meat!!

12) Blood is made in the marrow of the bones.

This inaccuracy and science fiction began with the distortions of four scientists in 1952 when they conducted starvation studies on rabbits and pigeons and decided after autopsy that blood was created in the bones. This is NOT correct. The primary site of blood production is in the crypts of the intestinal villi in the small intestine. When acids (antibiotics, acid food and drink, enzymes, probiotics) damage or destroy the intestinal villi, then the body makes blood out of various body cells such as the bones. The studies on blood in 1952 may likely have been the correct conclusion if the autopsies had been done on humans--assuming the bodies had starved to death like the rabbits and pigeons. Logically, autopsies are done on people who have been very sick and finally died. The body is so sick that blood has not been made in the the intestinal villi perhaps for some time. Now medical savants have amazingly discovered that blood can also be made in the liver. The truth is that it can also be made from all the organs and all the cells once the body is sickly enough. Hopefully, we won't be doing autopsies on healthy bodies because they rarely die. But if we did, we'd find out where blood is really made in a healthy body....in the crypts of the intestinal villi in the twenty-seven feet of the small intestine.

13) Germs cause disease via an infection.

This is another invention based on faulty scientific premises. Germs are nothing more than the biological transformation of organized matter disorganizing. Germs therefore are the RESULT of fermenting matter and not the CAUSE of fermenting matter, just as the smoke of a fired gun is not the cause but the evidence that the gun has been fired. When you see bacteria, yeast or mold on food, this is a result of food deterioration, not a result of an infection. When I see bacteria or yeast in the blood, I know this is a result of blood or body cells biologically transforming and not a result of an infection. In other words, germs are born in us and from us. The infection can only contribute to a state of imbalance but CANNOT cause ANY specific disease. So stay away from all treatment plans, traditional or alternative that focuses on the killing germs. If the drug or supplement will kill germs it will also kill you.

14) High Cholesterol in the form of low density lipoproteins or LDL's can cause heart attacks and strokes.

Cholesterol does NOT cause heart attacks or stokes. Not a single one. This is a distortion and an inaccuracy based on faulty observation and inquiry. Environmental, dietary and metabolic acid cause heart attacks and strokes. The body releases cholesterol or LDL's to buffer or chelate the toxic lethal affects of acid to protect the body, not harm the body. It is your thoughts, your words and your deeds that create waste products or acids. If these acids are not eliminated through urination. perspiration, defection or respiration, the body will release cholesterol or LDL's to buffer these acids for protection and not for destruction. A recent landmark study showed that you are more likely to have a heart attack or stroke with normal or low cholesterol then a person with a total cholesterol over 300. Your risk for a heart attack or stroke increases significantly as your acid levels increase or if you lower your cholesterol with drugs without lowering your production of acid from the environment, lifestyle, diet and/or metabolism.

15) Eating protein builds muscles.

Wrong again. This is another fictitious distortion based on faulty observation based on a) preconceived notions about how the body works and b) the failure of science to sufficiently isolate variables when making so-called scientific observations. Tell the strongest animals in the world--vegetarian animals--that eating protein builds muscle. Eating protein actually makes you weak and eventually sick and tired from the debilitating acids of sulfuric, nitric, phosphoric and uric acid. The body builds muscle from blood and not from plant or animal protein. At the Ranch we grow avocados. We give our avocados minerals, water and sunshine - no protein. Yet, our avocados are 80% healthy fat and 15% protein. If you want to build muscle you have to build blood. And to build blood you have to eat green foods and lots of them.


16) Obesity is a fat problem.

I would call this a big fat lie. A big Whopper with cheese and bacon. No, I'm sorry fat doctors, fat farms and fat clinics of the world. Obesity is an acid problem, not a fat problem. The body protects itself against acidic lifestyles and diets by making and using fat. Think of fat as your parking places for environmental, dietary, and metabolic acids that are not properly eliminated via urination, perspiration, defecation and/or respiration. You can now say that fat is saving your life. Thank you fat! Be glad that fat was not accumulating inside your veins and arteries. At least collecting on your hips and belly you could see the fat and decide if you want to do something about it. All you need to do is get off your fat acid and go to health with an alkaline lifestyle and diet. The average weight loss on the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet is 1 pound a day - 30 pounds in 30 days. As you alkalize the fat melts away with all of its acidic contents.


17) Hormone replacement therapy can help balance your hormones.

This greedy fiction and pharmaceutical deception is actually hurting ever so many unknowing innocent women. The first thing to understand is that hormones are acidic waste products of endocrine gland function. Balancing your hormones would be like balancing your car's carbon monoxide exhaust. You would never give you car more acidic carbon monoxide to help it run better. You would change the oil, the filter or use a more energy efficient fuel. This is what you need to do when you have endocrine or energy imbalance. You need to change your lifestyle and diet to an alkaline lifestyle and diet with liberal amounts of electron rich green foods. You can easily try our Deluxe Pack to start the process of endocrine balance and energy. You'll see a difference in a very short period of time.


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Young Living, Young Energy, Young Yoga and Young Love

Can positive or negative thoughts and emotions affect your body's delicate biochemistry or the acid/alkaline pH balance?

Love, fear, joy, anger, sadness, happiness, resentment. Can positive or negative emotions affect your body’s physical, mental and spiritual health?

Is a woman more likely to become pregnant if she eats a lot of vegetables or if she were to go on a long, relaxing vacation?

Are you more likely to do cancer if you have a hot temper?

Do people who laugh a lot live longer?

Does your anxiety or fear of crowds, elevators, blood, heights, spiders, hospitals, or airplanes somehow affect your health?

My theory of one sickness, one disease and one health, set forth in what I call “The New Biology,” not only considers how our diet affects our physiology, but also how our psychology affects our physiology and how our psychology affects our spirituality.

Not only does the health of your body affect the emotions of your mind, but your thoughts and feelings can affect the health of your entire body.

Bottom line, your mental state is ever so critical. In so many ways, your mental state, if it's negative, can create more metabolic acids than the acidic food that you're eating

In fact, you can create two or three times=2 0more metabolic acids from your thoughts or your mental and emotional state than from ingesting highly acidic dairy, animal protein, sugar and alcohol.

So your thoughts are critical. Your thoughts or words do become matter, and can affect your physiology in a negative or positive way. Your thoughts do become biology. And the way that thoughts become biology is as follows:

When you have a thought or say a word, it requires electrical or electron energy for the brain cell(s) to produce those actions. And as you carry on with that thought, you are burning or consuming energy. And when you are consuming energy in your thoughts, you are producing a biological waste product called acid which is an energetic waste product which can be measured in pH, oxidative reduction potential, hertz and decibels.

Next, if the metabolic acids from your thoughts are not properly eliminated through the four channels of elimination which are urination, perspiration, respiration or defecation, then the acids from your thoughts are moved out into your connective and fatty tissues ­because it must not be allowed to affect the pH of the blood. The delicate balance of the blood must remain quite constant 7.365 to remain healthy.

What happens next is this. As the excess and overload of acid are thrown out into the body tissues, this can easily lead to all sorts of symptomologies: lupus, fibromyalgia, Lyme’s, arthritis, muscle pain, fatigue, tiredness,20obesity, cancerous breasts, cancerous prostate, cancerous stomach and/or bowels, indigestion, acid reflux, heart burn, heart attacks, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, dementia, autism, and the list goes on and on.

For example let's say you’ve been doing sadness or depression. This downer feeling is coming from a negative experience that you keep looping and re-looping in your head. It’s like a mind movie. It’s a mini-drama that you keep playing over and over. And because you are constantly thinking about it, eventually you even start to be concerned or worried about the fact that you are so preoccupied with the whole affair. So now in addition to the sad drama, you are experiencing upset about the fact that you’re having the drama itself. All of this thinking requires energy and when you’re consuming energy you are also producing metabolic acids.

Do you know any angry people? You may not know it, but many people who become angry easily not only get angry at various people, events, and situations, but eventually they are irritated with themselves for being so angry at everything else. Anger, for instance, requires a tremendous amount of energy and emits a great deal of electrical energy. You have undoubtedly felt the vibrational energy of someone who is angry. Or maybe you have felt your own anger and how it can upset your physiology, i.e., especially upset your stomach and bowels with excess acid leading to indigesti on, stomach pain, acid reflux or ulcers.

Even worse, many of these negative emotions are chronic and can be traced all the way back to early childhood experiences. So, at one level or another, it’s been going on for a long time­ and creating excessive acid all along.

For many people, early childhood represents some of the most fearful and vulnerable years. Have you ever wondered why you can’t remember much before age five or six? Many of those years are filled with fears and tears, mads and sads ­and how about the “bads”? Do you remember what happened when you were “bad?” Imagine the acid from those experiences. In addition to the punitive experience itself, imagine the acidity a child deals with by simply a) remembering such a “bad” experience or b) anticipating the possibility of another such “bad” experience…or c) both! Some “children” remember these events forever!

Some chronic emotions begin early:

“O dear white children casual as birds, Playing among the ruined languages,
So small beside their large confusing words,
So gay against the greater silences, Of dreadful things you did…”

It is during these vulnerable and unprotected years that we often plant eternal seeds of emotion that will yield an unwelcome harve st of acidic internal results, perhaps throughout one’s entire life.

The turmoil between parents and children, not to mention the conflicts between children and children, have been documented by many thousands of social science books and articles.

“Children begin by loving their parents; after a time they judge them;
Rarely, if ever, do they forgive them.”

So, let’s take a look at all of that emotion. Perhaps you are feeling a strong emotion. It could be any emotion.

First of all, emotions are energy in motion. When you are (e)motional, you are energetic, either in a positive or negative way. And if you are energetic, you are literally energy in (e)motion. You are now producing metabolic acids at a very high rate which is a waste product of such (e)motions.

The rate of acid production in an (e)motional state can be even greater than that of someone who is jogging or working out. So, your thoughts do become biological or metabolic acids that can make you sick, tired, depressed, angry and even too fat or underweight.

When you start producing acids with your thoughts, words and actions, what happens inside? First, you activate the alkaline-buffering systems of the body in order to neutralize these (e)motional acids. The body begins making a primary alkaline buffer known as sodium bicarbonate. It’s actually made from the blood and during its productio n, it creates a waste product known as hydrochloric acid.

Hydrochloric acid is a poisonous toxin and cannot remain in the blood. So it is dropped down into the gastric pits of the stomach. This is why people get upset stomachs or become constipated when they are (e)motional. This increase of sodium bicarbonate is critical in maintaining the alkaline design of the body, the pH of 7.365 for the blood, and for maintaining alkalinity of the interstitial fluids. If these acids, including hydrochloric acid, are not buffered and/or eliminated through the four channels of elimination, they can create serious health challenges in your body, mind, and spirit.

On the other hand, positive (e)motions, such as love, peace, hope, faith, joy, forgiveness and charity can be alkalizing to the blood and tissues. These (e)motions require far less energy and can cause you to be relaxed in your mind and stop the playing of some acidic movie in your head. Students of higher consciousness know that you can even enter into a state of bliss wherein you have no thoughts and wherein you are producing no metabolic acid.

For myself, I have decided to call this wonderful place "Young Love." That’s because I exercise and meditate every day. And I Love it! And it raises my level of consciousness and positive connection with the world. The connections between “Young” and “Love” are numerous. My name is Young, of course, but more importantly, being young is a term we normally associate with being youthful, energetic, open, optimistic, and filled with excitement. And the ultimate purpose of life is Love. And Love is the sweetest expression of life. So Young and Love go together.

To be sure, I Love my exercising and it Loves me back in terms of its gifts to me. I find myself Loving this state of bliss daily which I know is helping to alkalize my body. That is why I am addicted to­ why I Love­ this type of alkalizing exercise that I do every day. It’s called a Positive Addiction. I Love to have my friends and guests work out with me as I lead them through the steps. I teach them the Young version of Yoga. I tell them that it is known as Younga Yoga. They Love that. (Well, at least they laugh.) It incorporates proper breathing, stretching, toning, mediation, relaxation, and of course some sweating to remove yesterday’s dietary and metabolic acid and to help bring me into a state of happiness and bliss.

Through my personal and clinical research, I have found that maintaining the alkaline design of my body with an alkaline lifestyle and diet is the most important thing anyone can do to live a happier and more blissful life. Having an alkaline day is a way of life that I call Young Living. I guarantee you that what I20call Young Love will go hand-in-hand with the goal of Young Living.

Now this next thought is very important! The negative emotions of anger, resentment, and fear­being the most powerful and acidifying of all emotions­ are all highly acidic to the blood and tissues and in many ways are paralyzing to all bodily functions. Over time, the fear of the unknown is probably the most powerful and acidic of them all. Fear is so devastating to the body that even if you're on an alkaline diet, overcoming a serious health challenge is practically impossible.

In such a dire case, with what may seem to be little or no improvement, you might be wondering if the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet may not be working. You may be asking, “What else am I not doing that I should be? How come I feel the way that I'm feeling? I'm eating the right way, I'm drinking the right alkaline electron rich water, but I can't seem to achieve the type of extraordinary health and energy that I'm seeking.”

In most cases like this, when you are eating and drinking correctly, it will come down to your negative acidic (e)motions or thoughts that are holding you back from achieving extraordinary health, fitness, mental clarity, happiness, and bliss. However, keep this in mind:

When you're eating an alkaline diet and you are doing everything you know how to do, and yet you are overwhelmed with worry, doubt and negative emotions, thank God you're eating an alkaline diet! If your body were not seriously in the alkaline direction, you might very well be experiencing a struggle for your life. Your acidic emotions can literally kill you. So the alkaline diet is the saving grace. Knowing that should give you the positive hope that you can hang on, get through the emotional stress, and still come out physically and mentally able.

Hope and positive expectations are always the key, and knowing that you are on an alkaline diet should aid significantly in boosting your hope and confidence. You can live without food for forty days. You can live without water for about four days. You can live without air for maybe four minutes. But you cannot live without hope and love at all. Hope, love, positive expectations, confidence in what you are doing, and trust in your own good intentions ­this is the key, and that's what the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet will do for you. It will give you hope.

The leading cause of death in the world today is said to be heart attacks. But people are really having "thought attacks," NOT "heart attacks." There are studies showing that over 80% of all heart attacks are (e)motionally triggered. I have said that people don't die of a heart attack. They die of a thought attack that medical science simply refers to as a heart attack because that’s the end result.

And if you have wondered if you can die from a broken heart, the answer is absolutely! And the cause? Acids from energy in motion or (e)motion. The loss of a cherished love one can increase your metabolic acids from the (e) motion to the point that it can stop your heart from beating and pumping life-giving blood throughout your blood vessels. And we all know or should know that life and death is in the blood, the most important “organ” of the body.

So let’s take a moment to talk about what I do when I have a client who’s in a highly negative acid-forming emotional situation and all the body fluids, including the blood, will show a decline in the pH even when this person has been eating an alkaline diet.

In order to buffer the acid forming emotions, the client will have to hyper-alkalize the blood and then the tissues in order to bring the body back into alkaline balance. When the client is hyper-alkalizing, the pH of the urine will increase into the high 8's and even into the 9's. Hyper-alkalization is necessary in order to overcompensate for the negative acidic producing emotions and to bring the body back to health, energy, vitality, hope, peace, harmony and love.

So, does a person have a fair chance of healing themselves from a degenerative disease or dis-ease like heart disease or cancer? Can you ever achieve a state of blissful happiness? Can you recover from the d evastating shock of a loss or from having been diagnosed with a scary-sounding health challenge? I say “absolutely, YES!” And I just told you how.

Given the importance of (e)motions in cancer or acidic causation, etc., I have been particularly interested in the unique biochemistry of the "reptilian brain" which includes the Amygdala, a part of the brain associated with the senses and emotions and their storage or memory. Acid or sugar specifically activates the areas of the Amygdala. I have often wished that our traditional medical industry would spend some of their billions of research dollars checking out and verifying for the world what I have demonstrated for years that the pH Miracle electron-rich alkaline Lifestyle and Diet would be much more calming to the lower (e)motions of grief, shame, guilt, anger, fear, etc­responses of the reptilian brain­ as compared to a toxic chemical drug.

A chemical drug may temporarily calm a person down, but it will also inhibit the entire spectrum of normal and healthy functioning of the Amygdala. I am assuming here that most of us still value and are interested in the healthy functions of socialization, sexual attraction, and the enjoyment of the myriad of feelings associated with home and hearth. All of these wonderful human experiences and memories are also functions of the Amygdala every bit as much as the feisty20adrenal functions responding to "fight and flight.”

In our attempts to find a chemical drug to treat almost everything, we (more often than not) create more problems than we eliminate­ one step forward and two steps backward. I know that attention deficit problems (ADHD) respond to an alkaline regimen....and hyperactivity is an Amygdala function. So it follows that an alkaline lifestyle and diet would produce less overall adrenal "stress" as well (really just the fight or flight mechanism by another name).

The pH Miracle electron-rich alkaline lifestyle and diet is calming to the mind and thus calms the negative (e)motions or energy in motion. This appropriate calming of the Amygdala function produces less "stress." And, with less "stress" you have less "acid." And, with less "acid" you have less sickness, dis-ease, so-called disease, depression and unhappiness.

Can our emotions cause cancer?

I have said that cancer is a four letter word­ ACID. When you are doing negative acidic emotions, such as anger, revenge, hate, sadness or depression, you are creating metabolic acids that can cause ANY and ALL cancerous conditions across all body tissues. If metabolic acids are not removed via urination, perspiration, defecation or respiration, then they are delivered to body tissues. When constant excess acid from negative emotions are poured into the bo dy tissues, the body tissues will degenerate causing a cancerous condition. Pharmaceutical companies are creating drugs addressing symptoms that may give you the illusion of feeling better, but they DO NOT deal with the causative metabolic acids from eating and drinking and negative acidic emotions. This can only lead to more physical and emotional pain and unnecessary suffering.

When you are in a negative (e)motional state, it can become impossible for you to heal your serious degenerative or acidic challenge. But, I will say this: if you are willing to commit to change and begin the alkalizing process, even if you are not completely out of your state of fear, anger, depression or anger, you will begin to put more “Young Life,” “Young Energy,” and “Young Love” into your mind body and spirit.

I have found over the years that when you start feeling better, you start thinking better. And when you start thinking better, you start doing better. So, you don't have to have your (e)motions completely under control in order to start losing weight, feeling better, reversing a serious illness, having more sustainable energy and to start being happy and more spiritually connected.

When you start the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet program, you are then making a conscious decision to try to do a little better. And, when you get on this healing path that leads to Young Living, Young Energy, and Young Love­ this gradual alkalizing process­ you start having those little and then those big pH miracles. You start feeling better and you start thinking better. And, when you start feeling and thinking better, you realize at some point that you have forgotten your depression and your sadness. Feelings of anger have disappeared ­and even what you were upset about. You soon forget that you were fearful about in the first place.

Why? These changes come about because you feel so good. You are rewriting your genetics with your positive (e)motions. You are taking your alkalizing eraser and erasing all your past life's negative emotions. On the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet your (e)motions or energy in motion will finally be under your control. You will become the master of your mind, body and spirit. You will be living an alkaline lifestyle and diet full of energy, happiness, bliss and love. You will be living and breathing "Young Love."

To learn more about the affect of negative and positive (e)motions on the brain and body and to learn more about "Young Living" "Young Energy" and "Young Love" read, The pH Miracle, The pH Miracle for Diabetes and The pH Miracle for Weight Loss.

Kamis, 23 April 2009

Brilliant Clear Eyes

"amazing", "beautiful", "other-worldly", "brilliant clear eyes", "healthiest I have ever seen you!" are just a few of the compliments I have humbly and happily received after returning from my 24 day stay at The pH Miracle Center in Valley Center, California. Its hard not to recognize the changes after 3+ weeks of doing all of the best things for myself (alkaline water & food, green drinks, infrared sauna, colonics, exercise, sun, harp therapy!!) to name a few! The compliments on the "outside" sure are nice, yet the way I feel on the inside has taken me to a whole new level of dedication to the Alkalarian Lifestyle. I feel amazing! Supercharged! Alive! and Empowered!

Between the knowledge gained during the microscopy course and the full experience of living the protocols that Dr. Young and his team have created, have led me to a greater understanding of the practicality and necessity of living life alkaline. Allowing true potential to be unleashed, in all ways possible, is what you can expect from the incredible learning and healing environment. As a microscopy student I was able to immerse myself in the science behind it all and learn from the Master of Alkalinity and the source of The New Biology. What a privilege!

Dr. Young's theories are easily taken into practice while at the beautiful and serene Rancho Del Sol and the benefits are quickly realized. Now that I am back in the Big Apple (NYC)... here too... I am maintaining alkalinity and have continued along with the newly acquired (and revived) practices that were strengthened by the experience at the pH Miracle Center. If I can stay alkaline here, it can be done anywhere! Be encouraged, Be informed..and JOIN US!! in NYC this June 27th & 28th where Dr. Young will be available for private consultations AND will present: The Diet for Health, Vitality and Unstoppable Energy! Click Here For More Info or to Buy Tickets

Denise Mari

Denise Mari is the Founder and Director of Organic Avenue, a healthy lifestyle company based in New York City dedicated to spreading the LOVE (live.organic.vegan.experience™). She is presently working on her second Masters Degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. Denise is a certified Phlebotomist, Colon Hydro-therapist, and Living Foods Lifestyle Coach. Denise is an associate of Dr. Robert O. Young, Ph.D., D.Sc., N.D., Author of the pH Miracle, and has been conducting advanced research in “The New Biology” using Live Blood Microscopy. Denise has studied/trained with many of the top raw leaders in the world including: Brian Clement, Juliano, Chad Sarno, Elaina Love, Renee Loux Underkoffler, Matt Amsden, Victoria Boutenko, David Wolfe and Jeremy Saffron. Denise has led retreats, cleanses, and fasts for thousands of people and is the inspiration behind the wildly successful LOVE™ cleanse programs launched in NYC in 2000. Denise studies Vipassana Meditation and Dharma Yoga. She has traveled extensively in search of Truth, LOVE, and well-being. She presently lives in New York with her two dogs, Ahimsa and Shalom.

Denise is also available for holistic lifestyle consultation and nutritional microscopy. Call her at 212-334-4593 or send an email to denise@organicavenue.com for more inforamtions or to make an appointment.

Selasa, 21 April 2009

Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) is Poisonous To The Body

Many people ask me about what good alkaline electron-rich water does since “everyone knows” it is just going into the highly acidic stomach.

The problem here is not with the alkaline water meeting acid, it is with what “everyone knows.”

There is no hydrochloric acid pouch in our body. The stomach wall makes sodium bicarbonate to alkalize the food not digest the food. For every molecule of sodium bicarbonate produced to increase the alkalinity of food a molecule of HCl is also created. HCL is a very strong and toxic acid.

The HCL falls into the gastric pits of the stomach away from the food as the sodium bicarbonate rises to the top to contact the food for alkalizing. That is why after the food leaves the stomach there is no sodium bicarbonate left just the remaining HCL acid that has to be eliminated through the blood and/or lymph.

Low water content, acid-forming foods like meats, eggs, and breads cause the release of larger amounts of sodium bicarbonate with an equal amount of HCl poison. High-water-content foods such as non-starchy vegetables require much less sodium bicarbonate to alkalize the food and therefore there is less HCL acid residue in the stomach left over after the food has exited. The result is no indigestion or risk of acid reflux or stomach ulcers or even stomach cancer.

Alkaline electron-rich water—being extremely high in electron content! — does not trigger the release of sodium bicarbonate and thus does not cause the creation of the acid HCl, so it does not interfere with the alkalizing of the food. In fact alkaline electron-rich water with its high concentration of electrons helps the alkalizing of the food and also helps to neutralize the caustic acidic poisonous HCL, preventing the acidification of the blood and tissues.

So drink up alkalize electron-rich water, juices and green drink!

Get your alkaline electron-rich water, juices and green drink go to:


The Truth About H.R. 875 - The Food Safety Modernization Act

This is from "The Daily Green" and represents the facts minus the hysteria from the conspiracy-driven sources.

Rosa DeLauro introduced the bill as a response to the acidic situation with National Peanut Corp. and other poorly regulated acid producing mega-businesses.

Send this email out to everyone.

Myths and Facts: H.R. 875 - The Food Safety Modernization Act

MYTH: H.R. 875 "makes it illegal to grow your own garden" and would result in the "criminalization of the backyard gardener."

FACT: There is no language in the bill that would regulate, penalize, or shut down backyard gardens. This bill is focused on ensuring the safety of foods sold in supermarkets.

MYTH: H.R. 875 would mean a "goodbye to farmers markets" because the bill would "require such a burdensome complexity of rules, inspections, licensing, fees, and penalties for each farmer who wishes to sell locally - a fruit stand, at a farmers market."

FACT: There is no language in the bill that would result in farmers markets being regulated, penalized any fines, or shut down. Farmers markets would be able to continue to flourish under the bill. In fact, the bill would insist that imported foods meet strict safety standards to ensure that unsafe imported foods are not competing with locally-grown foods.

MYTH: H.R. 875 would result in the "death of organic farming."

FACT: There is no language in the bill that would stop organic farming. The National Organic Program (NOP) is under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The Food Safety Modernization Act only addresses food safety issues under the jurisdiction of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

MYTH: The bill would implement a national animal ID system.

FACT: There is no language in the bill that would implement a national animal ID system. Animal identification issues are under the jurisdiction of the USDA. The Food Safety Modernization Act addresses issues under the jurisdiction of the FDA.

MYTH: The bill is supported by the large agribusiness industry.

FACT: No large agribusiness companies have expressed support for this bill. This bill is being supported by several Members of Congress who have strong progressive records on issues involving farmers markets, organic farming, and locally-grown foods. (Barbara Lee, etc.).

Also, H.R. 875 is the only food safety legislation that has been supported by all the major consumer and food safety groups, including:

Center for Foodborne Illness Research & Prevention
Center for Science in the Public Interest
Consumer Federation of America
Consumers Union
Food & Water Watch
The Pew Charitable Trusts
Safe Tables Our Priority
Trust for America's Health

MYTH: The bill will pass the Congress next week without amendments or debate.

FACT: Food safety legislation has yet to be considered by any Congressional committee.

I hope this helps put the issues of H.R. 875 to rest for the moment.

Watch for further commentary on H.R. 875.

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Senin, 20 April 2009

My Breast Cancer Decision and Healing

I share my own truth on my cancer healing with Dr Robert and Shelley Young's pH Miracle Diet and Lifestyle....THE TRUTH IS...... THE BLOOD DOES NOT LIE!!!!....I HAVE WITNESSED AMAZING HEALING IN MY OWN BLOOD AND BODY WITH A COMMITMENT TO ALKALINE LIVING....

Dr Young's 30 years of research in 75 countries with over 50,000 blood studies......LIVE BLOOD BEFORE YOUR EYES DOES NOT LIE...Let's test the LIVE BLOOD of other medical or alternative theories....

The Young's share that a piece of fruit occasionally in season picked from a organic tree can be enjoyed by the body. The problem is I juiced bags of organic carrots and beets over many years thinking I was being healthy...of course the wine was Not healthy!!!! Now I know that sweet vegetables and fruits are also not healthy.

I have dropped 18 kilos which is about 45 pounds...18 kilos of DEATH BY ACIDITY!!!! or cancerous causing acidity. (Obviously grateful that my body protected my vital internal organs by creating the 45 pounds of fat to store all my acids and toxins and therefore keeping me in existence...not truly alive and vital...but existing...and stressed...)

I thank all of you for sharing all of your thoughts and opinions and research. And, although I have not had time to digest the content of all your thorough responses (JP and Lina), for I am at DWD in Australia and time is limited, I wanted to share with my Platinum family a short note about my own cancer recovery.

Like Lina, I am committed to the PH Miracle Diet and Lifestyle and credit Dr. Young with my healing from recent breast cancer. Most of you may know that after an unexpected invasive cancer diagnosis in November 2008, I allowed fear to send me on a journey of several surgeries...with dire consequences...two treatments of chemotherapy ...which crashed my immune system totally...and as most of you know, I spent Christmas and New Years in an isolated hospital room. I was told by the medical team at the hospital that if the $15K a day injections did not reboot my immune system I would die within 3 hours.

Tony Robbins teaches....I defy the Odds...and I am a creator not the destroyer of life. And, All I need is within me now.....provoked me to walk away from the allopathic medical team, fearful yet, loving family and friends, STEPPED UP and took a plane ride alone to California to see the Young's. I was convinced in all my heart and soul, that I am the Master of my own Destiny. I created this dis-ease...it was up to me to heal myself. So I got on a plane by myself and went to the USA to Dr. Robert and Shelley Young's pH Miracle Retreat Center.


I had heard of the Young's via Tony Robbins, and my son had lived on the Young's greens daily for 5 years and handed me their books (The pH Miracle Books, Sick and Tired and Back to the House of Health)in LA.


Dr. Rosedale and Fiona had been amazing when I was first diagnosed, and I shall always be thankful for Dr. Rosedale's advice, which I commenced until I found that the animal products for the protein did not sit well with my soul.(I have lived mostly as a vegetarian). Still I am grateful and would like to connect Dr. Rosedale with Dr. Young, for both have hearts and souls that truly care and are healers for others.

I am TOTALLY CONVINCED that by choosing to live an alkaline lifestyle and make dietary and lifestyle choices that serve my vital life-force, I AM NOW THE CHANGE I WANT TO SEE IN ME AND IN THE WORLD. Ask any Platinum that met with me yesterday. Some did not at first recognize me. Already many from DWD have asked for the website of Dr. Robert and Shelley Young.


My NEW primary Question.


Blessings to you all....

The pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet flat out works. And best of all it worked for me!

In love and healing light,

Larelle May

Minggu, 19 April 2009

Freedom With Greens

Good morning all!

As I am sitting here drinking my Goddess of Greens, reflecting on my alkalizing journey, some important thought came to me.

So, my first thought was, "This drink is so freakin delicious, I can have another one after this, oh, and another one if I want to, and one after that, too."

Being excited by that idea, I felt a sense of freedom; a deep freedom that goes beyond society, FDA, government, Pharmacueticals, just kept going and going and going.

Freedom to live, live without fear of dying some horrible dis-ease, freedom to live without running to this doctor and that doctor just to find out, "We know you have (fill in dis-ease here) but we don't know how you got it."

Freedom without running to the pharmacy to pick up medications, freedom without worrying about pollen or not being able to go to the beach because the sun will kill us. Freedom from worrying when I am hungry I better eat something small so I won't gain 10 pounds.

Freedom from worrying about if my mom is going to get Alzheimer's and forget about me. Freedom from searching the web for rare dis-eases and how to cure them. The list goes on and on.

So, as I sat there and remembered all of the people who have told me how "extreme" I am being, I felt peace and guess what? FREEDOM!

On my journey of alkalizing, I have had a bumpy road, and it has all been good! I wouldn't change it for anything.

Living an acid life is actually more time consuming, more money consuming and worst of all, more life consuming. That is what occurred to me this morning.

To all you beautiful souls, HAVE A FABULOUS DAY! I have to go make another Goddess of Greens...........

Sabtu, 18 April 2009

The Radical Truth In Understanding Health and Dis-ease!

The following is an email I received in response to my articles on the acidic toxic effects of eating sweet fruit. I hope you find my responses educational and inspiring to live an alkaline lifestyle and diet.

Have an alkaline day,

Dr. Robert O. Young


Hi Dr. Young,

It seems that we are have an interesting debate here between me and an JP[] , how would you respond to his views.

Could you give me some help?




== 1 of 2 ==
Date: Fri, Apr 17 2009 9:36 pm
From: linasong1001@yahoo.ca

Dear Lina,

I totally understand you. When I read your emails, I see myself 3 or 4 years ago, I love your passion and your desire to help, so please read on.

I think we agree on many things : Stu Mittleman, Dr Rosedale, the body thriving on greens and fats and low sugar, the 'problem' of classical medicine, etc.

I have read books and books on nutrition and detox, but also tried it and talked to therapists, and I am strongly convinced that the right food can do a lot of good for a body.

Your reply tries to dismiss some of my remarks but you are missing several fundamental points. I am asking you to leave your need to be right, and to truly think about what follows without bias.

JP: 1) Yes, you have seen miracles with greens and alkalizing, I am totally convinced about that, and it makes sense, but I have seen miracles with simple magnets too, or the right water!

Dr. Young: Magnets work on the same principals as alkalizing - negative and positive polarity or electrons and protons. Magnets cannot, in of themselves, heal but can cause an increase or decrease in circulation depending upon the polarity used. If you use the positive or proton side of the magnet, you will cause blood to flow to that polarity. The surface charge on red blood cells is negative and will be attracted to the positive polarity of the magnet. When blood circulation is improved to a certain area, then healing can take place. But the big question is what is the quality of the blood. This is important because
the quality of the blood will determine the quality of the new cells created with the understanding it is blood that becomes muscle, bone and sinew. You can accomplish the same thing and even do it better when you alkalize the body and flush positively charged acids out of the body. So the right water which is high pH electron-rich alkaline water will help healing because it serves to maintain the alkaline design of the body.

JP: People are OBSESSED with food.

Dr. Young: People are obsessed with food because they are starving for electrical potential which gives the body energy to run. The body runs on converted photons to electrons, not food, but people do not understand this. They think that they need more calories or that their body runs on sugar. Or they think that the brain runs on sugar. This is far from the truth. The brain runs on light and energy and the light is called photon energy that is converted into electrons or electricity. The electrical energy transformed from photons comes from green foods and green drinks. Yes, it can also come from the sun as well. But, plants adsorb and the adsorb photons into their plant cells called chlorophyll where these photons are held by their center atom, magnesium, until they are released into the body through mastication. Bottom line the body runs on light that is converted to electrons that is carried through our body fluids on a matrix of sodium or salt ions to power every anatomical element that makes up every living cell, even the genetic matter is powered with light or photon/electrons.

JP: But it's only one of 5 elements our bodies need (food, water, air, magnetic energy and sun infrared energy).
Biochemical process in the body need those 5 things.

Dr. Young: The body needs electrical energy from photons/electrons to operate. Food, magnetic energy, water, air and sun are forms of energy that contain pHotons/electrons that can be converted into electrical potential. We know that the pHotons from sunlight can be converted to electrons and thus provide electrical energy. We also know that pressure or piezoelectricity can be converted to electrical energy. The body is electrical and runs on electrons - not calories, carbohydrates, proteins, or fats. We are organized electrical energy including a spiritual energy that interconnects us to the entire universe while having a physical experience.

JP: If you are deficient in one of them, it is pure non sense to try to address it with another element : like you are dehydrated and you try to address your condition by eating more (food, vitamins=whatever) ... non sense !

Dr. Young: One of the elements that is essential for the conductivity of electrical energy in the body is salt. This element is just as critical as water, oxygen or sunlight. That is why all of our body fluids are salted with sodium, especially the blood and lymph. Without salt we would die. Without salt the spiritual matter would separate from the pHysical matter and we would die. Salt is the Savior of our life. It is the glue that holds the physical and the spiritual body's together.

JP: If someone's disease comes from severe magnetic deficiency, you can beat you head against the wall and have him drink 100 gallons of greens everyday, he will not heal, or maybe partially. I have seen people who thought they were healed, only to make a strong healing crisis after sleeping on a magnetic
bed ...Food is only one part of the problem.

Dr. Young: Dis-ease or so-called disease does not arise out of a deficiency of magnetic energy. Dis-ease or so-called disease are ALL symptoms of dietary and/or metabolic acids and the body's lack of electrical energy in eliminating or removing these acids through the four channels of elimination - lungs, bowels, skin and kidneys. Magnetic energy from the earth or the sun is only two sources for electrical energy for proper organ function and elimination of dietary and/or metabolic acid. The other sources for electrical energy are green food, green drink, alkaline water, nascent oxygen, colloidal sodium and chloride and mono and polyunsaturated oil. Keep in mind that when you were born you were 90% alkaline water, 8% oil, 1% protein, and 1% mineral - very little or NO SUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you want to put out the fire of life than eat sugar in any form. It is a toxic acidic waste product of fermentation. That's why bananas get sweeter when they are rotting. And why the words, "Diabetes Millitus" means to melt into sugar. When will people get into their bowels and head that there is NO SUCH THING as healthy sugar. It matters not the source. Honey, agave, stevia, cane, beet, fruit, etc., it is ALL poison to the body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JP: 2) A physical disease is, of course, a sequence of chemical reactions, so it is obvious that you can tweak , slow even remove the SYMPTOMS by interfering with those chemical reactions with chemicals or food. It does not mean you address the cause (see below and my other emails). Let me use a stupid example : if you give horse pee to a thousand people, statistically some may feel better, and it will be easy to say 'hey, look horse pee is good for health, and it's natural' ! I am not comparing greens to horse pee, it's just a metaphor, but not as stupid as it seems because pee is full of natural chemicals...

Dr. Young: The horse pee will only act as an acid to break up undigested animal protein or sticky mucous from bread and dairy in the 9 yards of the small intestine. Horse or human urine, pee will only work to break up congestion, but it will also damage the delicate root system of the small intestine or the intestinal villi. When this happens the body cannot produce healthy stem cells (produced in the crypts of the small intestine)that produce healthy erythroblasts that produce healthy blood cells and then healthy brain and body cells. What you have here when drinking an acidic beverage are short term benefits with long term serious damage to the intestinal villi which are responsible for producing stem cells. This can only lead to dis-ease. Whether it is horse pee, human pee, beer, coffee, tea, alcohol, sugar, apple juice, pear juice, gogi juice energy drinks, sport drinks, or even orange juice, just to name a few, the impact on the delicate intestinal villi is the same - acid damage to the root system which is responsible for stem cell production and red blood cell production. If it were me, I'd prefer getting my acids from the oranges and let others do the horse pee experiment.

JP: 3) We are perfectly adapted to nature. Read Richard Dawkings books about genetics. After thousands and thousands of generations, all the genes of people who cannot thrive on the food we find in nature have been eliminated by natural selection. People or animals who get sick because of bananas are
all gone because their genes could not create efficient survival machines(body).

Dr. Young: Bananas and any sweet fruit will negatively change the DNA of anyone in two weeks. I have yet to see the blood of anyone on this planet who is ingesting bananas and a healthy red and white blood cell count. The acid content of a banana is 25% and can cause significant damage to the root system of the body as well as compromise the bowel pH (ideal at 8.4) and ORP (ideal at -150 mV). After thousands of generations people still do not understand the fundamental physiology of the body - the body is alkaline by design and acidic by function. Eating, breathing, and thinking are all acidic and can all make you sick, tired,
depressed or fat. There is NO disease and NO death that does not involve acid. Maintaining alkalinity is the key to a long life.

JP: Dr Hamer discoveries perfectly fit evolution theories because he proved that disease are survival mechanisms. Ph theory does not, simple as that.

Dr. Young: The body is not trying to survive; it is trying to maintain its alkaline design while people are making acidic lifestyle and dietary choices that are making them sick, tired,
depressed, fat, too thin, and eventually prematurely dead - physically, emotionally and spiritually!

JP: 3) I STRONGLY suggest that you get into Dr Hamer's findings for the very reason that he healed people without changing their diet or any medicine, thousands of times.

Dr. Young: Long term change can only happen on the foundational principal that the body is alkaline by design and to prevent or reverse any disease it is based upon re-establishing that alkaline design. This can only be done with your thoughts, your words and your deeds. As it has been said, "faith without works is dead!" It sounds like Dr. Hamer undoubtedly did the right things but had a faulty explanation for what was happening inside the body. But he did have the advantage of working with
people at higher levels of consciousness. He didn't have the benefit of observing the blood of 20,000 people in 72 different countries while manipulating their diet and re-testing. Apparently, If Dr. Hamer was not affecting food and drink, he was affecting higher levels of consciousness. If he wasn't working with the physical body, he would have been working
at the spiritual level which has many effects on the physical plane - but the effects are only temporary. You have to bring the physical body into balance before you can bring the emotional
or spiritual body into balance. He could have been lowering stress levels that cause acid and he was somehow creating higher levels of love, joy, peace and enlightenment which either prevents acids from forming or can neutralize them very quickly.

JP: This means that the disease is created by the brain. Disease actually are linked by 'foci' on the brain that are visible on brain scans. By simply looking at brain scans, Dr Hamer can tell anyone all the problems he has had in his life.

Dr. Young: If Dr. Hamer first looked to the primary brain, the small intestine, where there are more brain cells than in the cranial cavity, then he would understand that the cranial brain is subservient to the small intestines or primary brain. Dis-ease and so-called disease begins with your thoughts, your words and your deeds. Dis-ease is an expression of lifestyle
and dietary choice which is first reflected in the bowels and then in the physical brain and then the body. Until you clean up the acidity of the bowels you will never clean up the physical brain. Every treatment that focuses only on the brain will eventually fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Young: It is also important to differentiate between the physical brain and what we refer to as the mind--meaning that which connects us to universal energy. The enlightened mind
creates a constant integrated awareness of body, sense, mind, intellect and spirit. Much healing comes from the higher consciousness of mind just as much disease can be created by the preoccupation of the mind dwelling on the powerful negative emotions and addictions of lower consciousness.

JP: As I said, the brain creates new blood vessels for cancer cells to grow,

Dr. Young: The brain creates nothing. It is the small bowel that creates the stem and red blood cells that make brain cells. Your primary brain is in your gut not your head. Cancer cells are the illusion of unscientific minds. There is no such thing as a cancer cell. There is only healthy and unhealthy blood and body cells. And all unhealthy blood and body cells are acidic cells. Cells that are spoiling. Remember you do not get old; you mold!

JP: Acidity cannot do that by any stretch of imagination, it is a by product, one step in the very long and complex biochemical process. When you try to address the symptoms, you may heal but you never address the cause. This implies that people may end up taking drugs (natural or chemical) all their life.

Dr. Young: There is only one cause of ALL sickness and dis-ease and that is the over-acidification of the blood and then tissues due to an inverted way of living, eating and thinking.

JP:: Having to drink green juice all your life is like taking a natural drug.

Dr. Young: Drinking green drinks has the highest level of pHotons which are converted in the body to electrons or electrical potential. The pHotons are held within the chlorophyll molecule and converted in the body into electrical energy carried from cell to cell via a saline solution. The evidence of what I am saying is in the blood. Blood does not lie - but people do!


Dr. Young: Green foods were given by way of counsel in Genesis, Chapter 1 verses 29 and 30. You will find that the color of the food we are counseled to eat are all green herbs.

JP: 4) When symptoms are gone, it does not mean you are healed totally. Dr. Hamer proved that the disease is a program in our brain. If you do not remove the program, the disease can and will come back. This is the most important part to understand, and this is why many people have to take a drug or greens all their life, just 'to make sure'.

Dr. Young: Dis-ease and or so-called disease is not an event; it is a process of acidic lifestyle and dietary choice. You don't get sick you do sick. Cancer is not a disease you contract. Cancer is a symptom of acidity that you do with acidic lifestyle and dietary choice. One has to be aware of this on a daily basis that they are creating more dietary and/or metabolic acids than the body can buffer and/or eliminate. This is why we age or get old. To stop the aging process and to prevent all sickness and dis-ease, you must be conscious of the fact that the body is alkaline by design and acidic by function. You need to ingest or adsorb and then absorb more alkalinity to keep up with the constant onslaught of acidity to maintain the body's alkaline design and prevent or slow down the aging process. I personally drink greens and take alkaline buffers everyday to prevent dis-ease and slow down the aging process. That is why I look like I am fifteen to twenty years younger than my age. But physiologically I am a teenager. Remember, the proof is in the pudding and the pudding is the blood. You are only as healthy and young as your blood. And you cannot make healthy blood with an acidic polluted bowel full of meat, fruit, dairy or bread regardless of your thoughts In fact thinking is also acidic. When you think you are consuming energy and when you consume energy while thinking you are producing acidic toxic waste products. Just writing this email is acidic. That's why I am drinking my electron rich alkaline greens!!!!!!!!!!!

JP: Let me use a metaphor. Someone wants to commit suicide, he takes a gun and shoots himself. What is the CAUSE of the disease ? The bullet, the trigger, the gun, the finger ??? It's not the bullet because if you take the bullet away, the guy will go buy bullets, if you take the gun away, he will go by another gun or use a rope to hang himself... if you tie his hands behind his back, he will throw himself thru the window etc etc
If you know someone like that, you have to monitor him all his life, it's like living in fear all your life that a disease will come back, and forces people to worry all their life and take drugs or supplements. The real cause of the suicide is the reason why the guy wants to commit suicide of course. Take that away, and you will free him of the disease (suicide) all
his life. That is what Dr Hamer discovered with those mental programs. Take the program away, the disease is gone forever.

Dr. Young: First off, the bullet is the acid, the smoke is the bacteria and yeast, and the trigger is the acidic lifestyle and dietary choice. You kill yourself not with the gun, or the rope, or by jumping out of a window - you kill yourself with your acidic lifestyle and diet - your acidic thoughts, words and deeds. I have found in every case that when a person will begin to re-establish the alkaline design of the body they start feeling better and when they start feeling better they start
thinking better and when the start thinking better they start doing better. They forget their depression or their suicidal thoughts with alkaline thoughts of life is good and I want to live and contribute.

JP: Some disease for instance come from very low self esteem, unconscious fears, etc.

Dr. Young: The first law of the Universe is the Law of Duality. The Law of Duality states that there needs to be opposition in all things that we might learn from our experience. The opposite of fear is faith which I have said stands for the "First Attribute In Thinking Healthy." Fear stands for "False Evidence Appearing Real." When you begin the alkalizing process, cleaning up the bowel, beginning the process of building healthy blood and then a healthy brain and body, the low esteem and unconscious fears vanishes!

JP: If you try to heal people with greens, they will believe they are healed, and 2-3-4 years later, if they stopped drinking greens, the disease may strike back.

Dr. Young: There is no dis-ease or so-called disease; there are only various states of balance and imbalance. This is based upon the duality of life. Bringing opposites of protons and electrons, acids and base, enervation and energizes, fear and faith into balance. Bringing your body into alkaline balance can ONLY happen with an alkaline lifestyle and diet I call The pH Miracle - The Lifestyle and Diet for Immortality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JP: This is why I URGE you to take one of those classes in the US or Canada.

Dr. Young: I believe such a course would be a waste of your time and money. You can easily learn the truth and resonance of the "New Biology," "New Chemistry," "New Nuclear Physics," and the "New Psychology." Dr. Young's next course is June 15th through the 19th in London, England and July 6th through July 31st, in San Diego, California. To enroll go to:


JP: 5) Many doctors, even the most honest ones, usually focus on one thing and forget the forest behind the tree. They all have a 'pattern of focus' and after a while they forget that the body is much more complex than what science can explain today.

Dr. Young: The science is not complex; it is pure and simple. And it's already pretty well explained in my books, my science, and the success of reversing hundreds of thousands of so-called fatal or incurable illnesses. Man makes it complex. There is only one health and there is only one dis-ease. It is the simple truth!

JP: You have done the Oneness University, right, you know that we are much more than green-drinking animals. Our bodies are chemical, energetic, spiritual entities. You know that we are all connected, that what happens inside is linked to what happens outside of us.

Dr. Young: We are spiritual, eternal created beings having a physical experience which requires us to stay connected to our physical body by maintaining its alkaline design and eliminating dietary and/or metabolic acids through the four channels
of elimination. Oneness is achieved by keeping the Spirit body in solution with the Physical body. This is what constitutes the Soul - the colloidalization of the Spirit body with the Physical body. This union or solution or colloidalization which
constitutes the Soul is not possible unless we maintain the physical alkalinity of the body. If we do not, the Spirit will fall out of solution and separate from the body. This is what we call death. Death is nothing more than the Spirit body falling out of solution and separating from the Physical body. Another Law of the Universe is "Like attracts Like." Like intelligence attracts like intelligence. Like alkalinity attracts like alkalinity. Acid attracts acid. Hate attracts hate. Love attracts love. Peace attracts peaceful people. We are only connected to the extent of this law.

JP: 6) Saying that 100 yr old people are an exception is a bit too easy. It is easy to dismiss things that do not fit the theory, this usually happens when we focus too much on something and try to prove it right at any cost. Dr Hamer's German New Medicine can explain why someone gets a breast cancer in the right breast and not on the left one, why Greek women who are one of the biggest smokers on Earth have the lowest rate of lung cancer, why one can live 100 years drinking alcohol and smoking and being perfectly healthy, or why all sportsmen in the world whose bodies are full of acid day after day do not all get cancer by far.

Dr. Young: Living to the age of 100 is not impressive when the ancients lived to 1000 years. People who smoke or drink or eat acidic and live to age 100 have a better alkaline buffering system and elimination than those who die in their 70's or 80's. It is still not impressive. As a scientist, I could only imagine that someone who had a so-called long life with an acidic lifestyle and diet could have lived much longer and a whole lot healthier and probably with a better mind and better energy. So there are two factors here - the first is the quantity of life and the second is the quality of life. Living longer without health and fitness is misery. Living life longer with health and fitness is bliss and can only happen with a alkaline lifestyle and diet I call the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet.

JP: People who cannot explain all that say it's an exception, dismiss it. I say that someone who can explain it all is worth listening to.

Dr. Young: It is not an exception that someone only lives to 100 when they could live to 1000. It is their ability to manage lifestyle and dietary acid. Few do it well, and most die prematurely.

JP: Dr Young has done valuable scientific discoveries, he is a true giving wonderful human being, but if he cannot explain all of the above, that means that his theory is incomplete.

Dr. Young: Now, however, I have addressed this commentary that you have gleaned and explained second-hand from the work of others. It also appear likely from your commentary that you have not investigated my work, the work that I have personally conducted with 20,000 people worldwide, even though I have been
standing on the shoulders of giants of past centuries. Nor does it appear that you have a sufficient understanding of nutrition,
naturopathy, biochemistry, biophysics, nuclear science, microbiology, bacteriology, mycology, pathology, serology, histology or psychology.

JP: What I am asking you is to look into Dr Hamer's work and make your mind afterwards. It is too easy to disregard it because right now you are immersed in someone else theory, especially because he has results.

Dr. Young: This sounds like someone being called black by the kettle....:-)

JP: But results do not mean someone is 100% right, especially when there are many things he cannot explain.

Dr. Young: The blood does the explaining. I just translate it into English words. For the person who has had a cancerous condition, diabetes, heart dis-ease, or multiple sclerosis
and has reversed these conditions with the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet, then results are of utmost importance. People who are sick want to know if the plan works - they really don't care
how it works.

JP: One last word : just think about the reason why we did not burn walking on coals.

Dr. Young: The reason you don't get burned when walking on coals is because you are NOT walking on hot coals you are walking on the cool ash. It is the cooled ashes from the coals
that protects your feet from burning. This whole thing of walking on coals is an illusion.

JP: Haven't we seen or heard miracles during the Dickens process (like that autistic kid) ?

Dr. Young: Autism is a symptom of the brain that is focused in the small and large bowel. Clear the bowel and restore health to the intestinal villi and you will start building healthy blood
cells that will build healthy GI and cranial brain cells. Autism begins in the acidic bowels.

JP: Ask Dr Young to explain that with pH theories, and you will realize that alkalinity theory is only a small part of the truth. I know you want to be a healer, and you have a beautiful soul. I am just trying to give you another perspective.

Dr. Young: We are not so much trying to give you another perspective, but to wake you from your acidic sleep...:-)

JP: I am just saying that if you learn German New medicine, you will have an incredible tool set to help people even more.
Go to Dr Hamer's website http://www.newmedicine.ca/, and take a class in the US (see http://www.totalbiology.ca/ ). I guarantee that you will be blown away, and all the info you have in your
head about health will come together, at their right place!

Dr. Young: I would suggest that Dr. Hamer, if still living, would come to San Diego and learn the "New Biology" to help him further his own science and his explanations to others.

I hope my answers to your friends commentary from others helps him to understand the radical truth - which means at the root of truth.

Kindest regards and in love and light,

Dr. Robert O. Young