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Do-It-Yourself Emergency Alkaline Repair Kit for the Holidays

Let's face it. In spite of everything I've taught you, and everything you have learned about the "The New Biology" and The Alkalarian Lifestyle and Diet, many of you "cheated" BIG-Time for Thanksgiving (and will again for Christmas or Hanukkah). You ate the traditional poisonous, acidic, Holiday dinner of turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes, sugary pumpkin pie, and maybe even a glass or two of wine, and (gasp) a cup or two of eggnog! It's worse even than those college-years, "Night On The Town" binges. BUT, here it is a few "days after". You are remorseful, but still in deep acidic do-do. What can be done?

Well... first of all, quit mentally beating yourself up. You probably messed up. Pick yourself up, and start again. Just like they say in AA ("One Day At A Time").

If you fell off-the-wagon, and ate the traditional, poisonous, acidic Holiday meal, it is CRITICAL to get the acidic damage repaired as quickly as possible. Get into your alkaline supplies and put together what I call the pH Miracle, DO-IT-YOURSELF, Emergency Repair Kit. You MUST begin again to re-alkalize as quickly as possible. Every day counts.

First, dissolve 1 tbs. of pHour Salts in 6 oz. of purified filtered, low ORP, 9.5 alkaline water, and drink it down.


Second, mix 4 tbs. of pure liquid Chlorophyll into 4 oz. of Filtered, low ORP, 9.5 alkaline pH water, and send it down the hatch with the pHour Salts.


Third, start spraying pHour salts in your mouth at least every hour.


Fourth, take 5 minutes. and BREATHE.... Pranayama Breathing Exercises. Get outside in the fresh air, if possible, and take deep, measured breaths. Lift your arms and breathe deeply. Hold each breath for 10 seconds and exhale. Do this deliberately, precisely for 5 minutes, several time during the day.

We aren't through yet.

Fifth, make up a Liter of Green Water (1 Tbs. of Doc Broc Power Plants or Super Greens to 1 Liter of purified, filtered, low ORP, 9.5 alkaline pH water) with 15 drops of Prime pH and 5 drops of puripHy and send it after the pHour Salts and chlorophyll. Drink it down, remembering to breathe!


Sixth. Keep your "repair diet" STRICTLY 100% alkaline, and GREEEN! No cheating! You're in trouble already. Let's get the damage repaired as quickly as possible! No recriminations. No "beating yourself up". You messed up. You will again. You are human, and the Holidays are literally MINE FIELDS of temptation. Do your best to resist, and stay alkaline over the Holidays. It's a good teaching opportunity with your non-alkaline friends. They will learn by your behavior, if you eat and drink correctly. But... if you slip and give in to the temptations of cookies and cake (it's like verbal abuse for me to even say it), CORRECT IT... as soon as possible.

Seventh, and lastly, throughout your "emergency recovery day" DRINK lots of filtered, low ORP, high alkaline water...with a pH of 9.5 or better. Drink 1 Liter of alkaline water with greens for each 30 Lbs. of body weight! It's your lifeline to repair the acidic damage being done every minute to your body from the dietary abuse you self-inflicted.


It will take at least 24 to 72 hours of diligent repair, following the steps I have outlined, before your body will begin to recover from a single day of Holiday, poisonous acidic eating. IF you had any significant quantity of wine or alcohol, it may take even longer - several more days - for your body to recover. Each day of "emergency repair" should be thought of as a day in the Emergency Room or a day you will not need to spend in the Emergency Room. Count your blessings.

Lastly... the most important advice I can give you.... DON'T DO IT AGAIN! The poisonous, acidic food and drink traditions of the Holidays will quite LITERALLY KILL YOU! You can't recover from that, even with a pH Miracle, Emergency Repair kit!

Remember, all of this acidic food and drink you ingested, if it doesn't kill you it will cause your body to go into preservation mode. In preservation mode the body will induce a fever to activate the lymphatic system and cause the elimination of acids through the pores of the skin and other body openings. Traditional medical savants call this the "Flu." But do not believe it or be deceived! You only have the symptoms of "I Ate Too Much Acidic Sh!! Disease." There is no "FLU" virus and NO NEED for an acidic vaccine. . which by the way can kill or seriously injure you. The "FLU" is NOTHING MORE than the body trying to remove excess acids from your over-indulgence of acidic Holiday foods and drinks. So, start the "Do-IT-Yourself Emergency Alkaline Repair" NOW.

You can order the "Do-It-Yourself Emergency Alkaline Repair Kit" by going to:


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