Jumat, 20 Maret 2009

Symptoms Confused As So-Called Disease

Unfortunately, Pasteur’s confusion of disease with its symptoms, has come down through the generations as scientific law. To this day, conventional medicine operates under this central misconception and delusion, often identifying a pattern of symptoms and labeling it a so-called disease, without any consideration of the underlying cause of the symptoms. And if the underlying cause isn’t considered, it can’t be addressed.

Symptoms may be masked with drugs, but that won’t eradicate them.

The truth is symptoms are just indications that you are over acid. Symptoms are caused by acidic food and lifestyle choices. Dis-ease or so-called disease is a general, underlying condition of acidity. If germs are involved, they are themselves just symptoms of that underlying acidic condition. Remember that germs come from within our cells, and that germs coming in from outside the body can only contribute to a state of imbalance and stimulate secondary symptoms. What most people call dis-ease or so-called disease is really just a collection of these secondary symptoms. Germs are really just the expression of the underlying so-called disease condition (over-acidity and then evolutionary microform overgrowth). In the same way it is a bullet that does the damage, not the smoke from a fired gun, it is the acid that kills, not the associated germs.

Over the last century or so, mainstream science has decided the precise causes of some so-called diseases. But many serious ones still seem to be something of a mystery . . . until you understand that no matter what symptoms are bothering you, the immediate causes are always the same: acidity.

So bottom line if you want to be healthy and strong both physically, mentally and spiritually you have to maintain the alkaline design of the body with the pH Miracle Alkalizing Diet and Lifestyle.

It's that simple.

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