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Cancer (ACIDS) Will Be The Number One Killer By 2010!

Kim Tinkham was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in February 2007, just two days before her fiftieth birthday. Rather than go the conventional route of mastectomy followed by chemo and/or radiation she chose to seek out an alternative way to heal her body. Her choice to search for an alternative coupled with a late night email landed her as a guest on a very well known female afternoon talk show host in March of 2007, (The Oprah Winfrey Show) where she stood her ground for her right to choose and shared with the audience that ‘you cannot make a decision based on fear’.

With hundreds of emails from people around the world who watched the show segment applauding her decision and spurring her on she spent the next four months seeking out answers from doctors and practitioners around the world. With her self imposed deadline of October fast approaching and no answer to the question “what causes cancer?” she finally found the research of Dr. Robert O. Young, a microbiologist in California. After communicating with Dr. Young via phone and email she made the decision to follow his protocol and three months later was pronounced cancer free.

Kim had the courage, the conviction and the commitment to make the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes to reverse her cancerous condition. She is just one example among thousands around the world that realized that cancer is not a disease of the tissues but an acidic condition of the body fluids. That cancer is NOT a cell. Cancer is a poisonous liquid acid from lifestyle, diet, metabolism and/or environment that break down cells.

Cancer will overtake heart disease as the world's top killer by 2010, part of a trend that should more than double global cancer cases and deaths by 2030. This will not happen to those who understand how to maintain the alkaline design of the body.

The use or the ingestion of acidic substances such as alcohol, coffee, tea, tobacco, animal proteins and sugars of all kinds will be the huge reason for the shift, particularly in China and India, where 40 percent of the world's smokers, alcohol users, animal protein and sugar eaters now live.

Cancer diagnoses around the world have steadily been rising and are expected to hit 12 million this year. Global cancer deaths are expected to reach 7 million, according to the new report by the World Health Organization.

An annual rise of 1 percent in cases and deaths is expected — with even larger increases in China, Russia and India. That means new cancer cases will likely mushroom to 27 million annually by 2030, with deaths hitting 17 million.

Underlying all this is an expected expansion of the world's population — there will be more people around not get cancer but to do cancer with their lifestyle and diet.

By 2030, there could be 75 million people living with a cancerous condition around the world, a number that many health care systems are not equipped to handle. And if they were equipment do understand how to treat cancer without killing the patient!

Here at the pH Miracle Living Center we are concerned about the increase of cancerous conditions worldwide and the lack of knowledge of alternative treatments, that are working.

Because cancer is a clear and present danger, The pH Miracle Living Center and Dr. Young, in conjunction with Kim Tinkham are conducting a "Cancer Survey" to better serve those who are looking for an alternative to radiation, chemo and surgery. If you, a loved one, a friend, a neighbor, etc. are looking for education to prevent or reverse cancer and not more medication, than please help us, help you, help others, by going to our "Cancer Survey" at:


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