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An Unsolicited pH Miracle Living Story

The following is an unsolicited testimony of the pH Miracle Living Plan. I have found that the pH Miracle Plan works for those who have the conviction and the commitment to make the change physically and emotionally to a new way of living, eating and thinking.


I have been struggling with my health for most of my life. Some maladies were given to me by my mothers’ toxic blood, others I gave to myself. My left ear has been the most prevalent issue for the last 3-5 years. I have had Tympanoplasti / Mastoidectomy surgery twice. Leaving me with some relief but nothing major.

I have eaten poorly (carbohydrates, meat, starch) all of my life in very high doses, very frequently. I consumed more drugs and alcohol then I care to write down. I have been uneasy and anxious to the point of diagnosis and prescribed every S.S.R.I.

Changing diet, perspective, activities, etc. Still, I have not felt right, the feeling of ill health has seemingly gotten worse.

Then I met Chong. Her program combines both Dr. Jensen’s philosophy of colon health, Dr. Young’s Nutritional Supplements and Chong’s own home grown raw foods, herbs, teas and other applications. Her dedication to one’s individual needs is the magic bullet. She really looks at your condition and customizes your program to your needs. She works tirelessly for you.

Spending her moments tending to you hands on and preparing your tonics and soups well into the night. I must say that her soups are something I looked forward to everyday!

She may guide you through every step of the way but you must do the work. I can not emphasize enough the importance of sticking with the program. Diligence and patience on the two components I have had to practice the most. Learning to rest, breath, and think realistically positive.

I have witnessed things change within me both structurally and functionally. My neck has never felt relief even after massage, chiropractic care for years. Now, it feels pain free and my mobility is amazing. I can breathe deeply for the first time since I don’t know how long. All of the stinging sensations are gone from my chest. My left ear is clear and free of pain for days on end. This was the most important things I hoped to accomplish.

My eye sight is better. My skin is colorful and soft. To this point I must say, I also learned more about my body than any anatomy class. The importance of your colon’s health can not be expressed enough. Toxic Colon = Toxic Life.

I’ve learned to be patient with my process of change. Nothing lasting happens in 7 – 10 days. I must do the maintenance program as well as continue pH Miracle alkaline eating habits.

Forget about the cost of this program. All I had to do is think about how much I’ve spent poisoning myself with pizza, burgers, booze, chips, alcohol, cocaine, worry, stress, etc. It is minimal in comparison. The rewards of the pH Miracle Living program are felt immediately and only get deeper and long lasting the more committed you are to getting well.

I am indebted to Chong for the rest of my life. She is a true healer. No glamour is necessary here. She is a treasure of a person and I am so grateful to her and her husband for their hospitality and grace.

I will be coming back for the rest of my life to learn how to live and eliminate the acidic poisons.


Christopher W. Passmore

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