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Life Changing and Life Saving at the Rancho del Sol

The following is an email letter from one of our guests who attended our last pH Miracle Retreat at the Rancho del Sol in San Diego, California. For more information go to:



I woke up this morning to music of the birds at this San Diego mountain health retreat...I looked outside and noticed everything was wet, there was a fine misting, the mountains and hill tops are majestic with tons of grapefruit and avocados dangling from trees both near and far away. The trees are green, flowers bursting open everywhere and the view is so beautiful that you can only "wonder" and take it all in slowly and deliberately. I see God everywhere! I have to remember to breathe! I am feeling great this morning. I know the few other people who are here for health reasons are also waking up wherever they are and I wonder how they are feeling and what they are thinking. I am sure the world would look upon us as a cult...and that we are following some crazy cult leader who insists that we follow a strict set of alkaline rules every day to make us totally healthy! If that is what we are, then I am ready for my day to begin! I am ready to be in the alkaline cult! I can now better understand the privileges of the rich and famous that can afford to do whatever they want to do. I feel truly blessed that I am able to be here and am being granted the opportunity to stay and not feel stressed about the tremendous costs.... How can you attempt to put a price on something that is priceless to you? My day is about to unfold once again...please do not feel sorry for me, you should feel some slight envy!

Breakfast of green juice and a green morning shake with fresh made almond milk is on its way to me via room/home service within a few minutes.... I am in a home by myself and still cannot believe how fortunate I am to be here. I will soon go for an early morning private infared sauna and then maybe yoga and exercise at Dr Young's home. I will get to sit with Dr Young and chat about politics, medicine, health care, crazy and silly stuff and ask questions back and forth. He is a regular and genuine guy. There may be only a few of us or a dozen or more who will attend these informal Younga yoga sessions....some of us may like to go and some don't or can't. I usually sit and do what I can and ignore the moves that are too challenging.

Daily Colonics are routine at this place. Who would have thought about doing a colonic?? A specialist is brought in daily to give alklaizing colonics. In fact, it is interesting to see that Dr Young is personally treating himself to the same cleansing along with his family. Later, I may go for a 2 mile walk with Dr Young if I feel up to it. I may then cleanse my lungs for half hour with a special & natural supplement and breathing program Dr Young recommends. I may take a walk to the main kitchen and visit with the chef and ask about the procedures and recipes and have a conversation as I watch the alkalizing meals and drinks being prepared. I will then take another long afternoon or evening infared sauna till I am sweating away an abundance of toxins from my body! Then, it is time to go shower, relax, check my emails and wait for lunch to be served at my home. I can anticipate more alkaline green juice, a delicious hot soup and more fresh squeezed almond milk, fresh avocados & possibly a small salad. If this is a cult, I am falling in love!

I sit here and cry sometimes and I am not sure why. I am not sure if it is happy tears or sad tears. However, I get to reflect on life, you and me, business, family, friends, the past, the present, the future, life, death, the good, the bad & the ugly! My tears fall freely and abundantly and I don't have to feel ashamed or macho about how I am feeling! My urine, sweat and saliva are now at perfect alkaline levels...so are my tears!

I now understand why it is important to come here to learn how to take care of yourself. Reading a book or watching a DVD cannot be enough. I am learning the routine, the formulas, the frequencies, how to cook, what to cook, how to pace myself, how to explain pains and side effects of cleansing the body! I will be in a better position to help anyone who may want to learn how to do it also. However, I no longer care whether anyone else cares to do this. Obviously, there are sacrifices to be made and most people will not want to trade their current lifestyles and comfort foods for a totally healthy lifestyle of living foods, and that is fine with me. Until we are faced with life & death decisions, most of us will not examine alternatives to what we are doing and why we are deteriorating. In fact, I am realizing that even when we are facing life and death decisions and an unhealthy body, we may choose to stick with old familiar habits and not make the necessary change to new life saving habits! I am now realizing that I need to accept such decisions from others because I cannot personally change individuals and I cannot personally change the world. This makes it even more difficult when those closest to you in life are not ready to take care of their own body, as they should. At least I know that I will be an example of the change one may want to consider!

I just wanted to share my thoughts with you as I woke up this beautiful Sunday morning.... that's all!


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