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Type I Diabetes Can Be Prevented and Reversed!

The following is an unsolicited testimony from Kasia, the mother of Szymon who was diagnosed with Type I diabetes. Please share this testimony and the You Tube videos with everyone you know, love and care about. Let them know that Type I diabetes can be prevented and it can be reversed.


I wrote to you about 2 months ago. My 5-year old son was diagnosed with type I diabetes - it was in October 2008. You gave me the contact to Rhonda!

I have a very good news to share with Shelley, Dr. Sobota and Dr. Young. Szymon takes no insulin!!!! He took it for 5 months-every day - 3 times a day and WE ARE FREE of taking insulin again. His sugar are almost normal - I say almost because sometimes it is still too high 1 hour after a meal but after 2 hours it is perfect again - even without insulin. And we are before doing the intestinal cleanse. W e are starting it next week. And we have a very good helper - Mariola Danielewska - she is awesome. I don't know what we would do and where we would be today without her.

We also changed our diet - except my 5-year old son, my 3-year old daugter and 7-month old son. The little one was doing really bad on formula - his stomach was always upset, he didn't poo for 3 days and his urine pH was low. I changed everything - no formula, just green shakes (he loves the one with coconut milk)-and he is doing so well. And I don't have to worry any more - my kids are SAFE! I feel wonderful on the pH Miracle diet - I am full of energy and my husband's allergies are also gone.

It is a new life, a new awerness - we are different people and I am thankful for this .

The diabetes was a blessing to our family!

The most sad part about it is our doctor - and doctors in general. Now I understand that they don't really want to help people - their minds are so closed...my doctor tells me that my son is still in the honeymoon stages. He wasn't happy during our last visit. He doesn't understand what is going on! I am not telling him much because he doesn't ask me what I am doing. Can you imgine that he has never asked what my son eats and for the good blood result (his AC1 dropped from 9.8 to 6.3) he gave my son an acidic sugary lollipop! The only thing I hear at the office is, "let him eat whatever he wants, take him to Mc Donalds, let him be a kid, let him feel happy"! Happy??? I see lots of kids in the Doctor's waiting room sitting there with their pumps, with their sad faces, with their little fingers poked 10 times a day and I want to scream!!! It is so sad.

I have just watched the Roman Family Diabetes Testimonial and I cried. The boys are so wonderful - they are so young and they can understand and adjust to so many changes. They can be their own healers. My son does a really good job too. Once he drew pictures showing how the Doc Broc green drink healed his pancreas. I think Mariola showed them to Dr. Young.



I want to Thank You Shelley, Dr. Sobota and Dr. Young for doing such a good job, for helping people, for changing minds and lives and for giving us hope for a better future!

Thank You very much,


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