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Current Medical Treatments For Cancer Still In The Dark Ages

The following is a poem and then an email response to Lee Stothers concerning her health challenges with energy, weight, and breast cancer. I hope you find this information helpful and will share it with all those you love and care about.

In love, light and peace,

Dr. Robert O. Young


Quarry Pigeon Cove

The dead city waited,
hung upside down in the quarry
without leafmold or pondweed
or a flurry of transparent minnows.
Badlands the color of doeskin
lay open like ancient Egypt

Frog fins strapped to my feet,
a teaspoon of my own spit in the mask
to keep glass from fogging,
and the thumbsuck rubber air tube in my mouth,
I slid in on my stomach
a makeshift amphibian

Whatever the sky was doing
it did now on its own
The sun shone for the first fifteen feet going down,
then flattened, then petered out
I hung on the last rung of daylight
breathing out silver ball bearings,
and looked for the square granite bottom

I might have swum down looking
soundlessly into nothing,
down stairways and alleys of nothing
until the city took notice
and made me its citizen,

Except that life stirred overhead.
I looked up. A dog walked over me.
A dog was swimming and splashing.
Air eggs nested in his fur.
The hairless parts of him bobbled like toys
and the silk of his tail blew past like milkweed
The licorice pads of his paws
sucked in and out,
making the shapes of kisses.

After that,
the nap of the surface resettled.
Mites danced on both sides of it.
Coming up, my own face seemed beautiful.
The sun broke on my back.

In Love and Light,



Dear Dr. Young,

I am writing from North Vancouver, Canada (originally from Saskatchewan). For the past three and a half years, I have been faithfully and enthusiastically reading your daily messages concerning your pH Miracle Diet and New Biology. I must confess, that I have been slyly staying on your Doctor 's list, despite the fact that I am a Ph.D. and not a medical doctor.


I first came to your work through your pH Miracle for Weight Loss book after years of uncontrollable weight gain, despite moderate eating habits and regular exercise. It has taken 3 1/2 years for my body to adapt to the alkaline diet and lifestyle because of how sick the toxic overload made me whenever I tried to introduce something new to increase the detoxing/alkalizing process.


Gradually I have persevered, purchasing and introducing more of your products and equipment as I have been able to handle and afford them. Last March, with pH levels still in the 5-6 (and occasionally 4.5) range and a weight of 215 lbs and rising (despite the 9-12 litres of structured green powder/sprouts/clay water I was drinking), I finally embarked on the three week fast, which I found extremely weakening and difficult, but stayed on it for the full 21 days. I continued the regular diet for the recommended 3 month period, losing a remarkable 20 lbs!

However, my pH levels were still only i n the 6-6.5 range. Since then, I have not once veered from the diet, although my rebounding exercise stopped in June when the left side of my pelvis slipped lifting a picnic table, an extremely traumatic event. Since then, I have only been able to take regular short walks and do limited yoga stretches, supplemented by shiatsu massage and visits to the chiropractor.

With the introduction of pHour salts in the fall, my back has been recovering much more quickly. I was delighted that my body was finally able to accept them and with their dramatic effects on all of my inflammation symptoms! I have found the bicarbonates to be the single most effective treatment next to the structured waters and green powders.


It has now been 11 months since I started the diet in earnest, have lost 70 lbs and feel more energetic than I have in years. I am still consistently and effortlessly losing around 5 lbs per month, and hope to be down to my optimal weight by early summer when I plan finally to be rid of that stubborn belly fat.

My family, friends and students are all amazed at the results and have become great proponents of your diet, though I have yet to get anyone actually to stay on it! None of them are quite as desperate or have my discipline, though my family are all drinking the Melody Jupiter ionized water and my mother is now gradually introducing green powders into her diet.


I had hoped over Christmas that I would be able to write you a wonderfully positive testimonial replete with my own alkaline recipes to add to Shelly's wonderful collection, but though it is already an amazing success story, I am afraid that since September I have been undergoing a major alarming setback.

I had my first mammogram at the age of 51 last September, already 5 months into the diet. They detected a small lump in my left breast, which finally in December was diagnosed as breast cancer. From the biopsy, it was thought to be a moderately aggressive type with a tendency to spread. On December 17, I had the 1 cm lump and 15 lymph nodes surgically removed (they did not detect any radioactive dye in the sentinel nodes and so had to delve further in). You might be interested in knowing that I insisted to all my doctors and anaesthesiologist (who turned out to be the most open-minded) on drinking my structured waters right up until 2 hours before the surgery, and in recovery was greeted by a visibly amazed surgeon exclaiming how wonderfully I had made it through 3 hours of surgery and how steady all my vital signs had been. Furthermore, daily visits by daycare nurses were invariably accompanied by amazed comments as to how quickly and beautifully my scars were healing. One nurse said she had never seen the likes in all her years of nursing! They already look like I've had them for years. In addition, while I still had the drain, I was testing the pH levels of the inflammatory/lymphatic fluids that were draining out of my arm, which were consistently 7.25. Nevertheless, when I tell doctors and nurses that all these successes are due to the pH Miracle Diet, it invariably draws a blank, and I am reminded that we're back in the dark ages and this is definitely not Europe or California.

Xmas Eve I got a call from my surgeon saying that the lump and all surrounding cancer cells had been successfully removed and there was no sign of spreading in any of the lymph nodes.


Feeling this was cause for celebration, I allowed myself one glass of champaigne, preceded and followed by mineral salts.

Much relieved all through Xmas and New Year's, I resolved in the New Year finally to get both my urine and saliva pH levels up into the 8-8.5 range, go through with the month of daily radiation treatments and then refuse the usual recommended chemotherapy, thus putting the cancer behind me. That is, until last Tuesday, when during my first visit to the oncologist, I was given unexpected news.

This is how he presented my case to me and why I am writing you today:

Although there are many positives (outlined above: small tumour size, clean lumpectomy, negative lymph nodes, excellent health (only, I might add, as long as I continue the pH diet regime), there are some negatives which lead him strongly to recommend 18 weeks of intravenous chemotherapy:

The pathology report reveals the type of cancer to be grade 3 (highest, most aggressively and abnormally developing cancer cells). Just as shocking for me was his supposition that given its rapid cellular growth rate, the tumour has probably only been around for the past half year, which means that it developed during or just after the 3 month fast and diet when I was already hyperalkalizing.

Q: I wonder if you have any theories as to why this might be? And why you think I was unable to get rid of the tumour, despite the introduction of minerals salts throughout the fall?

Dr. Young: All cancer cells are cells that have been spoiled by dietary and/or metabolic acid. The body will form tumors as a way to protect healthy tissue. Therefore the cells are not the cancer nor is the tumor. The cancer is the acids from lifestyle and diet that were not properly removed through urination, perspiration, respiration and defecation. The key to cancer prevention and reversal is increasing and maintaining the fluid pH over 8.4 or higher. As far as how old your tumors are your Doctor is just guessing. The body forms tumors as the last resort and not the first resort to protect healthy tissue. The body uses fat to park excess acids. This is why you have been over-weight for so many years. Within the fatty tissues there can be many tumor formations. One of the places that the body uses to park excess acid is in the breast tissue which is a fatty tissue.

Q: Other negatives are that I am 51 years old, perimenopausal, and the cancer is triple negative (hormone insensitive). The way the young, fairly open-minded oncologist presented it to me is that most women in exactly my same situation will only have 50% of the cancer cells removed with the surgery, and another 20% with the local breast radiation treatments. This leaves a 30% likelihood that microscopic cancer cells will already have spread to other parts of the body, despite their absence in the lymph nodes.

Dr. Young: Cancer cells do not spread. Acid spreads throughout the body. Keep your fluid pH over 8.4 with the pHour salts and stay the alkaline course.

Q: In my case, is such spreading likely or possible? How else other than through the lymph nodes are cancer cells spread?

Dr. Young: Cancer is not a cell it is a dietary and/or metabolic acid that flows through your body fluids. In other words, cancer is a liquid not a cell. Keep alkalizing and building healthy blood with an alkaline lifestyle and diet.

Q: He says 85% is what they call a cure (?!) and that leaves another 15% that need to be treated with the chemo. In other words, if I refuse the chemotherapy, he argues, I am putting myself at a 15-30% risk of developing secondary breast cancer within the next 5 years, at which point it will be difficult or impossible to detect and/or treat. He says that doing the chemo (in my case, even before the radiation treatments, starting within the next few weeks!) is my one and only chance to be cured!

Dr. Young: Chemo is just more acid. Using chemo would be like throwing kerosene on an already raging fire. You buffer or neutralize the acids that spoil body cells making them cancerous with alkaline mineral salts of sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium. The must be a the form of a bicarbonate or carbonate.


Q. So, I am in a bit of a conundrum. It is a compellingly ambiguous argument, to be sure, even for someone like myself who has always claimed that she would rather die than do chemo!

Dr. Young: Statistics show that 98% do die with the current medical protocol.

Q. Ironically, this seems to have become a self-fulfilling prophesy and I am beside myself as to know what to do. I would like to proceed as I had previously intended, more aggressively upping the ante on the pH Miracle regime by reintroducing daily juicing, eating more soups and even more cruciferous vegetables (I already eat once a day), investing in a Vibratrim, finding someone who does lymphatic massage and drainage, taking infrared saunas, and most importantly, doubling my bicarbonate intake from 3 half litres to 3 litres. (Every time I take more than 3 1/2 litres, I experience alarming efffects such as tingling and numbness in my right arm, nausea, vomitting, dehydration and stomach pain. I keep thinking it might because I am only 5 feet tall and just can't tolerate any more, but have resolved to persevere.

Dr. Young: Now you are addressing how to remove the acids out of your body that are the true cause of a cancerous condition. Remember, cancer is NOT a disease it is a condition of over-acidity and the body perfectly trying to prevent healthy tissue breakdown. Increase your green drinks to 5 to 6 liters a day, exercise for 1 hour, keep your bowels moving with magnesium and colonics and keep your urine pH over 8.4. This is how you buffer the acids that cause any cancerous condition.

Q: Do you have any tips you could pass on concerning my bicarbonate intake? Is it possible to overdose on it? One naturopathic doctor also recommends intravenous Vitamin C and oxygenation to hyper-boost the immune system. I have read your article on Vitamin C (wrote you about it concerning my so-called "irritable bowel syndrome" and dependence on Ester C supplemention) and wonder what you think of these naturopathic treatments.

Dr. Young: I would suggest taking the bicarbonate of mineral salts first thing in the morning and last thing at night. You should also take the bicarbonate of salts whenever the urine pH is below 8. I do not recommend taking Vitamin C because it is a strong acid and will have a negative affect on the alkaline pH of the body fluids.

Q: Since I began the waters and green powders 3 years ago, I simply cannot get enough of them. This has affected my sleeping patterns because although I sleep like a baby, I automatically wake up 1-4 times a night when my body signals that it absolutely needs more water. After I drink a half litre, I usually fall instantly back to sleep, but would dearly love to find a way to sleep through the night. Do you have any suggestions?

Dr. Young: Drink your greens like a King in the morning, a Queen in the afternoon and a peasant in the evening. You should try an finish the greater part of your hydration in the morning and early afternoon. In other words, drink 5 to 6 liters of greens before 3 pm in the afternoon.

Q: Another unrelated question: My shiatsupractor warns that shiatsu might induce spreading of cancer cells through the circulatory and lymphatic systems. On the other hand, I suspect that I have poor circulation and respond amazingly well to the whole body treatments. And my husband's friend, a Korean naturopathic doctor, argues this for the different reason that any kind of massage diverts the body's energies away from the cancerous areas that it is focussing on. Do you think either of these claims is true?

Dr. Young: Circulation of blood and lymph is critical in removing dietary and/or metabolic acids that cause any cancerous condition. Any exercise that improves circulation will also help to remove acids that in turn will help to prevent and/or reverse any cancerous conditions. Remember cancer is NOT caused by a cell but is caused by a toxic acidic liquid from diet and/or metabolism.

Q: My previous convictions are now fraught with the uncertainty that if my body has not been able to fight off the tumour so far, it might not be able to fight off other similarly aggressive microscopic cancer cells lurking throughout my system. My husband, who was present at the oncologist's meeting, is absolutely convinced, after watching my transformation over the last 11 months, that continuation with the diet should not only be able to raise me into the 85 percentile, but rather cure my cancer 100%, a promise the oncologist has not been able make with his so-called "cure." And I don't doubt that this might be true. But I know my body, and am just not sure it has been alkalizing long and deeply enough to be able to ensure this kind of success. Whereas if I did the chemo, then I surely my body could fight the final 15 (as opposed to 30%).

Dr. Young: Current traditional medicine does not have a cure for cancer. They don't even understand what causes cancer let alone how to prevent or reverse cancer. Cancer is NOT a cell. Tumors are not cancerous they are encapsulations of acidic fermenting cells to protect healthy tissue. Cancer is a liquid acidic toxin from diet and/or metabolism.

Q: My 22-year-old son is supportive, but skeptical, since the bottom line for him is that he does not want to lose his mother. Other members of my family will surely be recommending the chemo and 2 naturopathic doctors have suggested doing both the chemo and the pH diet for optimal success and for cutting down on the negative short and long term effects of the chemo. Though if I do the chemo, both my husband, son and I have doubts as to whether my energy levels will be high enough to handle all I have to do to keep the diet going, and I worry that I will be unable to keep down all my waters, raw soups and vegies, as my digestive system is still very sensitive. After all I have done to become healthy again, this line of thinking saddens me to no end. And of course, the psychological impact of my decision, one way or the other, has to be considered in being able to successfully conquer cancer. I greatly prefer the idea of enjoying my current high energy levels, keeping my hair, eating raw vegies, drinking water, walking, writing and long yoga/meditation sessions to the poisoning, illness, drag, drain and https://www.mcssl.com/Netcart/login/frmDefault_sc.asp?h=1&sid=5ac98284591f6769122895de1a566438depression of chemotherapy...

Dris the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet. I would also suggest 2 to 3 ounces of healthy oils a day from flax seed and hemp seed. Remember the COWS plan. The "C" stands for chlorophyll, the "O" for oil, the "W" for water and the "S" for salt. You need to focus your diet around these four food groups. This is how you energy your body and protect it from the acids that can spoil body cells.

Q: I will be getting a second opinion from the radiologist at the Vancouver Cancer Agency next week, but am expecting more of the same. I can only imagine how many missives like this you receive each day and certainly am not expecting a response. On the other hand,

Dr. Young: The only tools that current medical doctors have in their bag for the prevention and/or treatment of a cancerous condition is: surgery, radiation and chemo of which none address the true cause of cancer - ACID!

Q: I have been extremely impressed with your willingness to respond to individual inquiries and testimonies, and would be most interested in hearing any fresh take you might have on my situation, even if you do not have time to respond to all of my questions.

Dr. Young: My mission in life is to change lives and save lives. I am happy to answer your questions and hope you and your family will embrace life through alkalizing.

Q: The bottom line is that the doctors are unable to offer me any other choice. It is either chemo or death, and the feeling that the latter will be self-imposed. I have fallen victim to a medical system that is simply not open to discussing alternatives. My oncologist was so flabbergasted at the notion of treating the nausea side effects of chemo with sodium bicarbonates that I never even would have been able to suggest it as a possible treatment for cancer, one that is having great, documented success in Europe. Having become part of that system, but with no one actually in the profession on my side, I have been rendered paralyzed and powerless, not the best emotional/spiritual state to be in when facing the difficult decision of how best to fight cancer.

Dr. Young: It is unfortunate but it is true - ignorance kills. When you use the mineral salts of bicarbonate they will buffer the acids of the stomach reversing any nausea. They will also prevent further spoiling of body cells from dietary and/or metabolic acids.

O: My deepest regret concerning the pH Miracle Diet is that I have not had the benefit of a microscopy test. Although I have often dreamed of going down to the Miracle Center for one of your wonderful retreats, I simply have not yet been able to afford it.

Dr. Young: There are many pH Miracle microscopists that can help you. To find a trained pH Miracle microscopist go to:


Q: Would a microscopy test be a way of detecting if there are still an overabundance of microscopic breast cancer cells in my system? If so, do you know of any certified microscopists in Vancouver, British Columbia or perhaps even surrounding provinces? Later in the spring, if my husband and I were able to make a short overnight trip down to the Miracle Centre, might there be a possibility of getting a consultation and microscopy test to see if are any signs of secondary spreading and how best to target my weaknesses with the various supplements you are offering? If so, what would the cost of such a consultation and blood examination be?

Dr. Young: Microscopic breast cancer cells are the illusion of the medical community. Your doctor has NEVER seen one because they do not exist. Acid is what spoils the human cell and is the cause of metastatic cancer. To prevent the return of a cancerous condition you have to neutralize or eliminate the acids that cause cancer through diet and exercise. You have to pee and sweat your way to health!


Q: It is impossible for me to express how brilliantly integrative I find your work and its dissemination to be. Despite the anomalous setbacks I am currently experiencing, I am a true believer in the "New Biology"(TM) and the pH Miracle lifestyle, and only wish that I had found out about it ten or twenty years earlier when I was already beginning to struggle with weight gain and other so-called minor symptoms. Despite a probable genetic predisposition, I am absolutely sure I would not have breast cancer today! I hope that by some miracle, in the future I might be able to visit the pH Miracle Center for a consultation or to take part in one of your retreats.

Dr. Young: We welcome you with open arms to the pH Miracle Living
Center and hope you will come soon. Our next Retreat is February 19th through the 21st.


I can only imagine how busy you must be, but would deeply appreciate any response you could give me.

Many, many thanks for everything!

Warmest regards,


Lee Stothers, Ph.D. (University of British Columbia), M.A. (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor), B.A. (Cornell University)

Previous Lecturer: UBC (Department of Asian Studies-Japan); Simon Fraser University (School for the Contemporary Arts);
Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design
Currently self-employed and a practising artist/writer/musician/filmmaker/performer

P.S. My diabetic mother (who lives with us) and I consider brussels sprouts to be our favourite candy. I really cannot imagine anyone not liking them! I guess they haven't tried the little organic ones lightly steamed and then soaked in flax seed oil, real salt and pepper. Simple and easy, but delicious. That and a large cup of freshly made almond milk was last night's supper when I was feeling too weak, depressed and exhausted to prepare anything else. I eat them at least twice a week, despite the havoc they reek on my digestive system. Yum...

P.P.S. I am currently writing a screenplay, "Old Woman and the Sea," one of a five-part series under the title "Bridges," on an environment theme and structured on Japanese noh theatre (the subject of my Master's and PHD dissertations). This script uses your compelling analogy of the ocean's lowering alkalinity levels with the gradual polluting of our body fluids, exploring health as an environmental issue and the environment as a health matter. When I am finished I will send you a copy, along with a list of my own personal alkaline recipes.

In Love and Light...

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