Rabu, 21 Januari 2009

Tears of Joy

The following is another testimony from around the world of the efficacy of the pH Miracle Living Lifestyle and Diet. To learn more go to:



Dear Dr. young,

I’m fully devoted to your diet and feel not only much better, but also the best I have ever experienced.

When I look at milk, fried chicken, cheese, beer and a lot more I can really see the picture of evil in them. They are not my friends, but enemies.

You and Shelly are everywhere . in my kitchen, fridge, shopping basket. I carry your book in my bag. It is my bible, I preach you everywhere.

You saved my daughter from migraine headaches, my wife from excess weight and yeast infection, myself from sore tongue, my mother from diabetes, and my friends from a lots of dis-ease.

Now I’m a food reference of over 100 people (I just memorized your book and tell them what you and Shelley have recommended).

I wish I had known you 1 year ago, before my father's death because of prostate cancer. I cried so much when I was reading your precious pH Miracle books because of my father. I’m now happy when I see the effects of every line of your holy notes on our family and also my peers.

I don’t know how to express my appreciation to you and Shelley for all you’ve done for mankind.

Thank you very much and I’m your preacher forever.

Alizadeh – from Iran

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