Kamis, 26 Februari 2009

A Healthy Lymphatic System In Preventing and Reversing Dis-Ese

Alex Ortner, of Simply Raw did a
follow up interview with
Shelley Young, Dr. Robert Young's
wife, yesterday that I think you'll
want to listen to.

She talks a lot about something that
I think is critical to understand,
the lymphatic system. This system
removes toxins from our body everyday.

She told me about a type of yoga
that is really effective in getting
the system going and removing toxins.
Very cool!

She also gave some really great tips
for transitioning to a more alkaline
diet such as what to eat for breakfast,
and how to get past emotional challenges
and she even discussed how her own
family made the shift years ago.

You can listen to the audio or
download it to your computer from this
web page:


Make sure to listen to the whole thing
because she tells a really great story
near the end of two Type I diabetic
children that have recently reversed
their Type I diabetes that is so
inspiring! :)

To read their story go to:


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